• Chain Cutter's Union Search and Rescue Box
    Product Review

    Chain Cutter’s Union Subscription Review

      I first learned about the Chain Cutter’s Union on episode 2 of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast.  I had heard about curation services before, like LootCrate, where a subscriber receives a box of curated goodies on some predefined schedule.  I was immediately interested in how this concept could apply to disc golf.  After all, who wouldn’t want to receive a new disc, shirt, and more, each quarter?

  • Product Review

    Zen and the Art of Disc Golf Book Review

    My past experience as a golfer has introduced me to several great books with concepts that apply to disc golf as well.  However, there aren’t a lot of disc golf specific books available.  So naturally I was excited when disc golfer and practitioner of Zen, Patrick McCormick, decided to share his thoughts on sports psychology where it relates to disc golf.  

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