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The Best Socks and Underwear for Disc Golf

We’ve reviewed hundreds of disc golf putters, midranges and drivers over the years.  We’ve shown you great bags  and accessories ranging from towels to disc golf baskets to kid’s books.  One thing we don’t discuss enough is what to wear out on the course.  Yeah, you can pretty much choose any clothing and play the game, but why not give your game a little boost with your clothing.  Let’s start with the undergarments. Sorry ladies, we don’t know much about women’s performance wear.

What makes great disc golf underwear and socks?

Before we get started, we should talk about the features we’re looking for when we choose our disc golf socks and disc golf underwear. These features help avoid chafe or blisters and also keep you cool and dry in the heat of summer.

  • Moisture absorbing material
    • Likely made of polyester or a blend
  • Tight fitting, but not necessarily compression gear
    • Needs to stay in place without cutting off circulation

Please know that we have personally tried each of these products in order to give a proper review.

Top 5 Disc Golf Underwear

1. SAXX Sport Mesh

This is Rodney’s top pick and what is not to like? You get a lightweight moisture-wicking blend combined with a slim but comfortable fit and a “ballpark pouch” to keep things separated and chafe free. The seams are designed to avoid irritation too. These are a little expensive, but are the top option by far.

2. Fruit of the Loom Breathable Underwear

Chris’ top pick is from the iconic underwear brand and offers the best value on our list. These are breathable and moisture-wicking and way more supportive than whitey tighties.

3. Under Armour Original Boxerjocks

The list wouldn’t be complete without the brand that really popularized polyester undies. The Boxerjocks by Under Armour fit well and last a long time. You are probably paying a premium for the brand name here, but you get to choose from a lot of colors.

4. adidas Climalite Trunks

Another great option if you have a specific brand you like to support while supporting your own. These Climalite trunks don’t perform the moisture wicking as well as our other choices and they tend to run small.

5. Hanes Comfort Flex

Last but not least is the Hanes Comfort Flex Mesh Briefs. Very similar to the Fruit of the Loom choice for a similar price, but these just didn’t seem to fit as well.

Top 5 Disc Golf Socks

1. Swiftwick

Rodney’s top pick is again on the expensive side. These Swiftwick socks are thin and lightweight and wick moisture very well. The compression quality of the socks keeps your feet from swelling while walking in the heat, which often causes blisters.

2. ADFOLF Performance Socks

Chris’ pick for socks is based on price. Cheap enough to not care if they wear out or tear while being comfortable and breathable enough for his liking.

3. Saucony Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit

Saucony made it’s name as a runner’s shoe and their socks aren’t bad either. While not as thin and comfortable as the Swiftwicks, these perform very well for the price.

4. WETSOX Waterproof Socks

Yes, we recommend a pair of waterproof shoes for disc golf. Even the morning dew can give you a squishy insole. However, all waterproof shoes have one major flaw, there’s a giant hole at the top where your foot goes in. Plus they are expensive and tend to fail at the worst possible times. So we recommend owning a pair of waterproof socks for those tournaments that intersect with heavy rain. The WETSOX are somehow breathable and keep water out at the same time. Great for winter rounds too.

5. Under Armour Performance Socks

Once again Under Armour makes the list. These are decent socks for disc golf. We found them to be a little thick and a little too tight overall but they kept our feet fairly dry and comfortable.


Hopefully we’ve helped your game by helping you think about what you are wearing to the course. Whether you go for Rodney’s more expensive choices or Chris’ budget conscious selections, we want you to feel properly equipped for each round. As with any clothing, personal preferences cause differences in opinions. We’d love to hear about your favorite socks and underwear for disc golf. Give us a comment below.

Also, what better disc to showcase our favorite socks and underwear than the UndieTaker?

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