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Kastaplast Berg Review

Not too long ago I won a Kastaplast putter, a K2 Berg, through an All Things Disc Golf contest.  The Berg has not left my bag since and is my go to upshot and approach disc, although I rarely use it for a putt under 75 feet. This is my review of the Berg.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Berg is a slow and stable putter, designed for short drives and approaches, as well as fearless putts.”


Available plastics: K2, K3

Flight Rating:  1 speed, 1 glide, 0 turn, 2 fade

Initial Reactions

The feel of the Kastaplast Berg is unlike any other putter I’ve held due to the blunt nose and the round thumb track followed by a depression.  It forces my thumb closer to the rim than usual and a fan grip is not extremely comfortable, but it handles a power grip just fine.  I also have small hands.

By the Numbers

Kastaplast Berg


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This rating is very accurate.  The Berg can come out fast, but it loses speed so quickly that I feel the 1 speed is apt.  

K3 Edit: The K3 Berg has just a slight amount of high speed turn and just a little extra glide, I’d adjust the numbers to 1, 1.5, -.5, 2.

Putting Notes

It’s an overstable putter with a flight similar to a new Wizard.  The Berg holds its line until a hard and exaggerated fade at the end.  The Berg is made to have little glide but it’s oddly susceptible to wind inside 50 feet just like any putter.  The K2 Berg is floppy enough to make putting difficult, the true advantage comes in the upshots.

If you chose to putt with the Berg it’s best for spin putts as it’s over stable and catches air in short flights.  I don’t recommend this for push putts or turbo putts because of the shape and the soft plastic.  The K2 Berg is great in warm weather and since it’s gummy it performs just fine in freezing weather, although it’s difficult to grip when wet.

K3 Edit: In close the K3 Berg flies very similar to the K2 Berg, no turn and strong fade.  The K3 plastic, however, is much firmer so it’s more comfortable for putting.  The slightly increased glide also gives it a better feel for shorter shots.  K3 is also Kastaplast’s grippier plastic and handles well in all weather even when wet.

Kastaplast K3 Berg Putter
Kastaplast’s K3 Berg


This is a phenomenal straight upshot disc that will also handle slight hyzers or hyzerbombs well particularly from 100-225.  Expect the Berg not to curve as much as you plan because it doesn’t catch much air resulting in less pronounced hyzer shots.  On that same note, it doesn’t anhyzer well as it won’t catch enough air.  You can, however, crank this disc and it will hold a straight line but will drop before it passes the target and there is virtually no skip.

Don’t expect to sidearm the Berg because the high profile with a blunt rim and gummy plastic doesn’t make this easy.

K3 Edit: The K3 Berg also excels at upshots from 100 – 225. This putter can also go incredibly straight and drop before the target, but it will hold a slight anhyzer line better than the K2 Berg.  For this reason I carry both in my bag.  The K3 Berg can also handle light sidearms because it’s firmer.

Final Verdict

The K2 and K3 Kastaplast Bergs are my go-to upshot discs because of their extreme control, slow speed, and low glide.  The Berg can be used as a true putter but I prefer it for approaches while occasionally grabing the K3 Berg for a low glide putt.  This is not a beginner disc, it’s best utilized by experienced players looking for extremely dependable 100′ – 225′ approach discs.  The Berg may just be the best low glide disc golf putter out there.

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