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2022 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide

Disc golf has exploded since the start of the pandemic and there’s a good chance that you have a special disc golfer to buy for now! It can be difficult to know what disc golf items make good holiday or Christmas gifts for disc golfers, especially if your disc golfer is just starting out. Hence, our guide to the best gifts for disc golfers in 2022! Read on for our top gift ideas for disc golfers!

Idio Syncracy Disc Golf Shoes

The Idio Syncracy is a shoe designed specifically for disc golf. Waterproof, low ankles, reinforced sole, covered toe, and grip that’s perfect for grass and cement tee pads. We haven’t been able to publish our full review yet, but until then you can be sure that we are big fans! At $130 they are an investment for someone very special, but we believe they are worth it.

See your Idio Syncracy options here: https://idiosports.com/products/syncrasy

Idio Syncracy Disc Golf Shoe

Star Frame Bandido Disc Golf Bag

One of the newest bags on the market and can hold a ton of discs plus your drink needs and all sorts of other things in the many pockets. We’ll post a full review soon, but all you really need to know is it’s big and very sturdy and under $200. You won’t go wrong gifting this to a special disc golfer who spends long afternoons on the course!

See the Star Frame Bandido here! https://infinitediscs.com/Products/Bags/18627/Star-Frame-Bandido

StarFrame Bandido Disc Golf Bag

Disc Golf Data Book

Every disc golfer wants to get better, and here is a book on using data to play beter disc golf. Targeted toward players who have been throwing for 3-5 years and are looking to get more serious, but any disc golfer can benefit from this. Also… we wrote it!
Available from Infinite Discs and Amazon

Disc Golf Data Book Cover

Doomsday Discs Membership

The mysterious disc golf collective that is preparring for the end of the world… with some awesome gear and discs! The team membership comes with a team shirt and team stamped disc and for only $30 you can sign up a friend or spouse. Plus you can used discount code ‘DGPUTTHEADS’ to save more!

Join Team Doomsday: https://doomsdaydiscs.com/product/team-pack/
You can learn more about Doomsday Discs here: What Is Doomsday Discs?

Doomsday Discs disc golf company

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Retriever

Every disc golfer should own a retriever. There are many styles and many brands and our all-time favorite is the Rogue Iron disc golf retriever because it is one of the longest and comes with multiple attachments that can be tightened down with wingnuts. You can order

See the Rogue Iron Disc Golf Retriever here!: https://amzn.to/3gw49wZ

Rogue Iron disc golf retriever

You can also click here to see our list of best disc golf disc golf retrievers: BEST DISC GOLF RETRIEVERS

Value Puter Packs

Putter packs are great for the disc golfer who is serious about better putting. At a lower cost you can get a set of 6 to 10 of the same putter which allows more throws before having to collect them. Infinite Discs has multiple putter pack options. Our favorites include:

Divergent Discs Nuno Putter Review

See your other putter value pack options here!

Disc Golf Accessory Gifts

Disc Dot

We’ve featured the Disc Dot a few times becuase it’s simple, effective and a great stocking stuffer! Simply snap on the target and you’ve got a specific target that is easy to tell if you’ve hit. It also comes in glow plastic for late evening practice!

Click here for your disc dot options!

DiscDots disc golf putting target

Star Frame Flying Knee Pad

Another fun stocking stuffer that can be useful on the course or fun for the little disc golfers in the house! The Star Frame flying knee pad is the size of a normal disc so it fits in a bag easily and can be used as a knee pad or a catch disc for warming up. We’ve also learned that kids love these things!

You can see the Star Frame Flying Knee Pad here!

StarFrame Flying Knee Pad Disc

ProPull Disc Golf Training

ProPull has been around for a few years, and there’s a reason it’s still around: It works. This $30 gift is great if you know a disc golfer who is getting more serious, trying to gain distance, or even recovering from an injury.

See the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer here.

ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training

Apex NF600 Rangefinder

This is an investment that a serious disc golfer who plays a lot of new courses will love! We’ve used one and found it can help on those hilly courses when a disc golfer is not sure what disc to throw or how hard to throw it. It’s a small gift that will deliver big returns!
See the Apex NF600 Rangefinder here.

Apex Disc Golf Range Finder

New Discs To Give As Gifts

Doomsday Discs Landmine

The Doomsday Discs Landmine is one of the most unique discs on the market and is sure to be a fun and exciting gift!
Grab a Doomsday Landmine on Amazon or use discount code ‘DGPUTTHEADS’ at Doomsday’s site: https://doomsdaydiscs.com/product/weapons-grade-land-mine-tester/

Doomsday Discs Landmine putter disc

You can also read our full Landmine review here: Doomsday Discs Landmine Review

Alpha Discs Snoopy

Here’s a putter that will make any disc golfer look like they’ve been playing for years, plus the Crystal plastic is sharp looking! This is not a normal disc that you’ll find at any outlet and should be a great gift.
See you Snoopy options here.

Alpha Discs Snoopy Putter

Lone Star Disc Warbird

An overstable controll driver that needs some power but plenty of glide to stay in the air. Great in the wind and wonderful forehand disc, but can handle shot shaping with enough power.
See your Lone Star Warbird options here.

Lone Star Disc Warbird Driver

Doomsday Discs Blackout

Slightly understable fairway driver, very controllable and workable. Great disc to add distance for new players or finess for seasoned players. Plus it’s got an incredible stamp.

Use discount code ‘DGPUTTHEADS’ here: https://doomsdaydiscs.com/product/blackout-in-toxic-waste-plastic/

Doomsday Discs Blackout Fairway Driver

Mint Discs Mustang

As the writing on the disc suggets, this is a very controllable midrange. It’s consistent and workable and has very rounded edges so it feels great in the hand. Straight with a reliable fade.

See your Mustang options here.

Mint Discs Mustang Midrange Driver

Thought Space Pathfinder

Here’s another comfortable feeling midrange. The Pathfinder is low profile with a smooth release, incredibly straight with high glide and long smooth shot shapes.

You can check out the Pathfinder here.

Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder Midrange

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