• Disc Claw review disc golf
    Product Review

    Disc Claw Disc Golf Retriever Review

    Disc golf disc retrievers are quickly becoming a must-have accessory and we’ve seen a few new options hit the market over the past few years.  One disc retriever that we were recently given for the opportunity to test is the Disc Claw by Hive Disc Golf.  The Disc Claw seemed to be less known than some of the other disc retrievers on the market but we’re quickly finding more people who have tried it and most of the  conversations are positive.  Here’s what we thought of the disc golf Disc Claw retriever. What Is A Disc Claw? The Disc Claw is a disc golf disc retriever by Hive Disc Golf. …

  • FlighTowel Review
    Product Review

    FlighTowel Review

    We all know we should warm up our arm before throwing a round of disc golf.  Knowing how to warm up is another story.  That’s the mission of today’s product spotlight, the FlighTowel.

  • Infinite Discs Slinger Bag
    Infinite Discs,  Product Review

    Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Review

    A lightweight disc golf bag is always nice for a casual round.  Sometimes you’re traveling and want to throw in a few discs in case there’s a course nearby.  Perhaps you’re out to work with a limited selection of discs.  Or maybe you’re playing a shorter course where a full bag isn’t necessary.  Whatever your reason, a small and inexpensive bag can be a great tool for beginners and advanced players alike.  Infinite Discs has released such a bag with a unique feature – a sling style strap.  Here’s our review of the Slinger.

  • Disc Golf Glow Cone UV Light
    Product Review

    Glow Cone and UV Disc Golf Light

    You probably already know that we love glow disc golf.  We’ve tested glow disc golf lights and plastic fairly extensively and have played many rounds with our Flashflight sets, but we’ve recently been introduced to a lesser known company producing an interesting product.  Demo Grid sent us one of their UV disc golf lights along with a Glow Cone, here’s what we thought of it!

  • Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket
    Product Review

    Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket

    Team Innova Ambassador Michelle Jones has created what we believe to be the first kids disc golf book.  “Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket” tells the story of Gracie the cat and her first experience with disc golf.  The story unfolds as Gracie and her animal friends guess what this “structure of metal and chain” could be.

  • ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training
    Product Review

    ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System

    Training aids and strength training devices have been a staple of the golf market for quite some time.  After all, so many of us want to get better at our favorite recreational games.  Until now, we’ve seen very few disc golf training aids.  Enter ProPull with their Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System.

  • glow disc golf plastic and uv lights
    Product Review

    Glow Disc Golf

    Daylight has long since faded and the evenings are short prompting many of us to pull out our glow disc golf discs.   You may be wondering if glow disc golf discs are worth while and if glow disc golf plastic works and which is the best glow plastic.  We had those same questions and recently tested out a few glow discs, glow plastics, and even a few lights for charging the glow plastic.  Here’s what we learned.

  • Infinite Discs VIP Box Subscription
    Product Review

    Disc Golf Subscription Box Roundup

    The monthly box subscription market has continued to grow over the past few years.  Simply put, you sign up to receive a regularly scheduled delivery of goods curated by a third party.  Usually these subscriptions deliver to your door on a monthly basis.  You can seriously find a monthly subscription for just about anything: crossfit, makeup, and of course disc golf.  It’s like a getting a little present each month!  We wanted to provide you with a full round-up of these boxes for disc golf, complete with our opinions on each.