Divergent Discs Nuno Putter Review
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Divergent Discs Nuno Review

According to Divergent Discs, Nuno means ‘Old Man of the Mound’. This feels about right for a putter that is stable and reliable and can be used for anything that you need it for. Read through our review and then head to our Facebook and Instagram pages to enter the Nuno 3-pack giveaway!

Divergent Nunu Manufacturer Notes

Here is how Divergent Discs describes their Nuno putter:

The Nuno is an excellent, professional level putter with a semi deep rim and no bead. This slow speed putter has a very neutral flight and is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

Divergent Discs Nuno Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: MaxGrip
Flight Rating: 4, 3, 0, 3

Nuno Initial Reactions

Divergent Discs Nuno putter profile

I am surprised I have not seen more comparisons to Gateways Wizard. Divergent Discs’ Nuno putter has a rounded nose and slightly domey flight plate that feels an awful lot like a Wizard but with no bead. The flight is even similar, but perhaps with more glide an a touch less fade.

The MaxGrip plastic feels great in the hand and indeed offers superior grip. The plastic is a bit springy though, which offers great snap but can lead to a rough landing.

Divergent Discs Nuno


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The Nuno is available in a 10-putter pack from Infinite Discs for $72.99 which comes to $7.29 per disc. That’s a huge discount and a great way to stock up on putters for efficient practing!

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Nuno Putting Notes

The Nuno is a slightly overstable putter with high glide. The high glide should appeal to disc golfers from begginer to advanced. At low speed, the Nuno shows no turn and is quite consistent with a reliable fade.

Given the high glide, the Nuno makes a great long-distance putter. It will handle any putting style well and can be worked with any putting line. You will obviously need to take caution with wind picking it up, but it is more consistent in the wind than most high glide putters.

The deep profile may not feel comfortable in smaller hands, but the grippy plastic helps.

Divergent Discs Nuno putter rim

Divergent Nuno Flight Notes

Although advertised as a true putting putter with professional accuracy, the Nuno makes a great approach and driving putter as well. The high glide and slight overstability allow it to withstand a good deal of torque and carry a long distance. As said above, the Nuno is more consistent than most discs with similar high glide. The challenge with the Nuno is controlling it in cross winds becuase the high glide and deep profile allow the wind to carry it.

Divergent Discs Nuno putter stamp

The Nuno does not flip easily and has a striaght flight until broken in when it begins to display a gentle turn. Put on a high anhyzer line, the Nuno will glide for days and very gradually being pulling out into a soft landing. This is one of my favorite shots with Gateway’s Wizard, and the Nuno pulls it off stunningly.

Use caution when landing the Nuno on hard ground, especially with elevation. The plastice is springy and the nose is rounded so it tends to roll away.

Divergent Nuno Comparable Putters

Gateway Wizard Less fade, slightly higher glide
Dynamic Discs Judge More overstable
Discmania P2 Psycho Higher glide and straighter finish
Latitude 64 MercySimilar feel, Nuno is faster

Divergent Discs Nuno Conclusions

The Nuno by Divergent Discs is an all-around putter that can do everything. The high glide paired with consistent flight will appeal to beginners and advanced disc golfers alike. If you like deep putters that can be used for putting and driving, then you should test out a Nuno!

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