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What Is Doomsday Discs?

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There is a new and secretive disc golf manufacturer, Doomsday Discs, that is getting a lot of attention lately. What is Doomsday Discs and who runs Doomsday Discs? We’ve recently joined the team and can give you a bit of information!

Doomsday Discs disc golf line

Doomsday Disc Golf

Doomsday Discs is a disc golf company launched in early 2022 that focuses its marketing on a nihilistic world view that the end is coming soon. They invite anyone to be part of the team simply by purchasing a team pack called the ‘prepper’, as in preparring for the end of the world. You can use coupon code ‘dgputtheads‘ to receive a discount on the Doomsday Discs prepper team pack.

Join the Doomsday Disc team here:

Doomsday Discs disc golf company
Team Doomsday Prepper pack

Doomsday Discs also describes themselves as a ‘decentralized’ disc golf company. This basically means that many of the decisions are voted on by Team Doomsday members who also handle most of the brand promotion. They take the suggestions seriously and strive to have a truly team diven brand.

Also, Doomsday uses multiple plastics manufacturers to produce their molds. This reduces risk of supply chain disruptions. However, this also increases the risk of inconsistency across different molds so we’ll pay close attention to this strategy.

You can read the details of the decentralization strategy here:

Doomsday Disc Line

What discs does Doomsday make?
Doomsday has four separate lines of discs:

  • Prepper Line – Easy to throw discs for beginners
  • Munitions Line – Specialized discs for specific purposes
  • Conspiracy Line – General use discs appealing to everyone
  • Catastophic Line – Exclusive line intended for the top of Team Doomsday
Doomsday Discs Landmine putter
Doomsday Discs Landmine

Some of their more notable discs are the Landmine putter which looks like a bucket lid, and the Frag midrange which is insanely overstable. The Doomsday Discs WMD (Weapon of Maximum Distance) is a 16-speed disc that is not legal for PDGA sanctioned play.

The Doomsday disc lineup is available on their website, or if you prefer a picture and weight of your specific disc, Infinite carries Doomsday disc also:

We are currently reviewing the Doomsday lineup and will link to the reviews as they are published.

Doomsday Discs Frag midrange disc
Doomsday Discs Frag overstable midrange

Doomsday Discs Discount Code

Doomsday Discs Discount Code: dgputtheads

Use discount code ‘dgputtheads‘ when signing up for the Doomsday Discs team to receive an initial discount, and you will then recieve your own Doomsday Discs promo code for future discounts.

Team Doomsday

After you have joined Team Doomsday using promo code ‘dgputtheads‘, you can join the Doomsday Discord channel with an anonymous username to chat with other Team Doomsday members. Within the Discord channel, you can get inside information on upcoming releases, give feedback on the prototypes, and even vote on disc names and manufacturer numbers.

Doomsday Discs Famine driver
Doomsday Discs Famine

Who Runs Doomsday Discs?

We have our theories but have not been able to prove anything… yet. But does it really matter? Doomsday Discs offers cool apparel and some awesome discs so just join the apocalyptic team (with Team Doomsday discount code ‘dgputtheads‘) and prepare for end. We’ll recognize Team Doomsday at the end becuase they’ll be the only ones left throwing.

Doomsday Disc golf team
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