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Essential Discs Full Line Release

Essential Discs is back and ready to hit 2023 by releasing a full line-up of disc golf discs!

At one time incorrectly identified as a ‘defunct brand’ by UDisc, Essential Discs is now back in the spotlight and ready to release an entire new line of high-quality discs. Essential Discs is a small disc golf company with one disc currently in circulation, the Honey, and a stong following. The Honey is an overstable putter and is a workhorse that many advanced players have fallen in love with. Now, Essential Discs is going to provide a full 8-disc lineup that you can fall in love with!

You can join the action by backing the Kickstarter for Essential Discs’s Full Disc Line Launch!

What Discs Are Launching?

Essential Discs New premium plastic

The Honey is already available, and the new disc line is launching with 7 new discs. I’ve had the opportunity to throw most of the discs and can say with certainty that many will end up in my bag. Here’s a quick overview of the discs to be released:

  • Solara (12, 5, 1, -3) Maximum distance driver, overstable and reliable. Throws similar to an MVP Synapse or Long Horn Warbird
  • Oxygen (9, 6, -3, 1) Understable control drivver, throws similar to Thought Space Mantra or a Discraft Heat
  • Rain (8, 5, 0, 2) Overstable fairwary driver, a consistent workhorse. Think Innova TeeBird or Legacy Rival
  • Breath (5, 6, -2, 1) Understable midrange with a super smooth release, similar to a Gateway Element or a less flippy Lat 64 Fuse.
  • Harmony (5, 5, -1, 1) Stable midrange also with a super smooth release. Throws like a beat in Discraft Buzzz or Dynamic Discs Truth
  • Purpose (5, 4, 0, 3) Overstable midrange similar to a Discraft BuzzzOS or Westside Pine
  • Peace (3, 3, 0, 0.5) A true putting putter

Why Now?

Essential Discs is a family run business. Larry and Kathy (husband and wife) are obsessive about the quality of their discs. Larry has spent the past seven (7) years testing many different manufacturers and plastics. Finding the right manufacturer to produce your plastic just right takes a very long time and a lot of patience.

But it paid off! Larry has found the right manufacturure to produce quality discs and wants to put plastic in your hands. The new line features some incredible plastics with a glow plastic planned in the near future. The best part? Essential Discs is offering a 10-year guarantee for any cracked or shattered disc and will replace it with a new disc no questions asked!

Essential Discs disc golf plastic

Why Back Essential Discs?

High quality discs with a 10-year guarantee is the most practical reason to throw Essential Discs, but you’ll be able to get behind the brand too. Essential Discs is a small, Michigan based disc golf brand that is growing and will be around for a long time. Larry has been involved in the disc golf community in many different ways including playing pro for many years, creating discs, designing courses, and running events. You can bet that his involvement will continue.

You can see more about Essential Discs here:

Essential Discs is based in Michigan and supports many local events. Trinity Church in Lansing, MI recently opened an 18 hole course to the public where Larry held an opening event and handed out discs to many people who had never played disc golf before. He even set up a short putting challenge for the kids. Between raising a family, working on his Doctorate Degree (Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University), running local events, and coaching the MSU Disc Golf Club (@MSUdiscgolfclub on IG), Larry still finds time to meet me at the course now and then.

Do you want to be among the first to throw this new line of high-quality discs from a rising disc golf brand? You can back the Kickstarter now with rewards starting as low as $20 or you can back for the entire line of discs! I will certainly be throwing the entire line as soon as it is released, but whatever you choose, you can be sure that you’re pledge will be greatly appreciated and you’ll be backing a good cause.

You can join the action by backing the Kickstarter for Essential Discs’s Full Disc Line Launch!

DG Puttheads did not receive any form of reimbursement for this post from, including payment or product. We simply believe in the Essential Discs brand and support their mission.

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