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Chris Putting at Diggins

About Chris’ Disc Golf

The Beginning

My first round was in the fall of 2002 at a short course in the woods where I bought a Pro-D Marauder and Pro-D X-Clone from the back of a beat up pickup truck.  I played solo for years but I found peace walking the fairways so I never gave up my plastic.  Disc golf has become my sanctuary and the channel for my unfocused energy.  Since Rodney joined me in 2013 I’ve renewed my disc golf passion and play weekly.

My Practice

Baskets all over my yard, simple as that.  I stack up 10 putters and throw from every angle back and forth between baskets.  I’ll also set up a short 9 hole course in my yard for match play against Rodney.  Occasional field work and video analysis are important, but when approaches and putts make up 75% of my throws then it’s an easy decision on what to master.

My Game

I strive for consistency.  I spent many years as a power thrower consistently hitting 450 but I also spent much of that time in the weeds and climbing fences.  In backing down my throw and adding more anhyzers I’ve found a balance of distance and placement.  My game is extremely versatile and includes many anhyzers and overhands, there’s no advantage to seeing a line if you can’t hit it.

My Putting Style

I employ a squat-spin putt with a Discraft Roach. A squat-spin putt is a spin putting form that starts very low to the ground with bent knees, squatting upward to generate power from the legs.  My secondary style is a straddle putt which is essential at many of the highly wooded and weedy courses in Michigan.

My Favorite Discs

My all-time favorite disc is Discraft’s Crush, I’ve been throwing Crushes since 2004. I bag two ESP Crushes, one Pro-D Crush, and a TI Crush at almost all times. Little known fact – Discraft produced a Ledgestone edition TI Crush in 2020 but stamped it as Swirl ESP. This TI Crush has more glide and turns more than Crushes in other plastics and has become my favorite of all Crush plastics.

Max Distance DriverInnovaCorvetteStar Swirl171375'+
Control DriverDiscraftCrushTI175g350' - 375' drives
FairwayStreamline DiscsDriftNeutron174g250' - 350' anhyzers
MidDiscraftBuzzzZ177g200' - 320' approaches
PutterDiscraftRoachJawbreaker175gputts under 100'

About Disc Golf Chris

I live in the country with my wife and two daughters.  During the day I work with data in the IT department utilizing my Master’s Degree in Data Science.  I also run often, almost as often as I disc golf.

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Twitter: @discgolfchris

Instagram: @discgolfchris

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