Free Disc Golf Stock Photos and Images

As disc golf content creators, we (the DG Puttheads) understand the importance of creative disc golf photos and designs for all sorts of uses from blog post imagery to apparel designs.  We also understand images can be time consuming and expensive.  So, as a goodwill gesture to the disc golf community, we’ve created a number of disc golf creatives and published them free for you to use however you please!

Check out the FAQ below the galleries if you have questions.

*Disclaimer: Only the images in the galleries this page are free for use.  Rights to all other images and content on our site, including our logo, are solely ours.

Disc Golf Stock Photos and Pictures

Disc Golf Silhouettes

Disc Golf Baskets

Disc Golf Clip Art

FAQs about our disc golf stock art

The images in galleries below are free and open.  These are images that we saw potential in but have not spent the time to polish so you’re welcome to edit the images as necessary.

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Free Disc Golf Image FAQs

Q: Are these images really free?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to give credit to the Puttheads or link to their site?

A: While shout-outs and links are certainly appreciated, they are not required.

Q: Can I use other images on your site for my own purposes?

A: This free and open license only applies to images in the galleries on this page.  If you wish to use other content we have published please see the Fair Use Act or contact us.

Q: Can I use these images in my own designs or on apparel that I sell or profit from?

A: Yes.  Just remember that other people will also be using the images so they will not be unique.

Q: Can I use these images as a logo for my brand?

A: Yes, but keep in mind that you cannot copyright or trademark any of these images and your logo will therefore not be unique.

Q: Can I purchase the rights to any of these images so only I can use them?

A: We will consider requests, but remember that others may have already used the images for their own purposes and you may not be able to enforce later trademarks.

Q: Can I contribute to the stock images?

A: We prefer not to take on the liability of creatives that we did not create, but we encourage you to create your own disc golf stock art repository.

Q: What’s the catch? Why are you giving away free disc golf stock pictures and images?

A: No catch, we’re doing this for the better of the community.  We hope that more content available for publishing will help proliferate the disc golf community in general.

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