Prodigy P Model S Review
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Prodigy P Model S Review

As the name suggests, Prodigy Discs’ P Model S putter is a stable putt and approach disc. Although the name is underwhelming, this disc golf putter performs well above par. Keep reading for more information on this consistent stable putter.

P Model S Manufacturer Notes

Here is how Prodigy Disc describes their P Model S putter:

The P Model S may have more glide than any other putter on the market coupled with a straight flight and subtle fade. With a slimmer profile and small bead on the rim, it feels great in the hand and offers a consistent, clean release for drives, approaches, and putts.

The glide makes it a great putter, as it stays in the air to find chains from short and longer distances. It also has a soft fade, so you can trust it is going to finish toward the basket. Its comfortable grip, impressive glide, and reliability will make it an instant favorite.

Prodigy Disc P Model S Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: BaseGrip, DuraFlex
Flight Rating: 3, 5, 0, 2

P Model S Initial Reactions

Prodigy P Model S Putter

The name P Model S is lackluster and sounds like a mundane tool you would use in a workshop. This is unfortunate because it is a great putt and approach disc. It is consistent, can handle torque, and works well on many different lines. It has a low-profile feel, a flat top, blunted nose, and small bead; this all combines to a nice neutral feel.

Prodigy P Model S


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Infinite Discs offers the P model S in a putter pack of 10 for $59.99 which comes to $5.99 per disc. It is important to have a sufficient number of putters for practicing and this is a great way to get started!

Check out the P Model S putter pack here at Infinite Discs.

P Model S Putting Notes

Although listed as a 5 glide, I feel that the P Model S has closer to a 3.5-4 glide. This is fine becuase because typically adding glide sacrifices consistency and the P Model S has a great balance. The P Model S is a point and shoot putter inside both circles. This is a neutral putter that will hold any putting line you put it on and works with any putting style. The P Model S shines as a driving and approach putter so being described as neutral and no real negative traits in the circles is actually what you should hope for.

Prodigy P Model S Putter

P Model S Flight Notes

As mentioned above, the Prodigy P Model S shines as a driving and approach disc, and also happens to be a solid putting putter. This is one of the straightest putters on the market and it can hold a surprising amount of torque for how straight it is. Then, it likes to fade forward at the end of its flight. I would compare it to an MVP Nomad with less tendency to flip.

The P Model S can hold a long smooth anhyzer line and will not fight to pull out until late in the flight. You will want to release on an angle rather than flip it because of the torque it can handle. I am pleasantly suprised with how well it holds its line even in the wind. It doesn’t turn and burn in most head winds, but rather glides far out on a long turning line. Similarly, it can hand a decent sidearm flick and releases smoothly with the low profile feel.

The P Model S can be difficult to force into an s-curve or around sharper turns since it likes to hold its line. I don’t consider this a finess putter, it’s more of a reliable go-to aproach disc. However, as the base plastic breaks in you will notice an ability to catch that sought-after late turn.

Prodigy Disc P Model S

P Model S Comparable Putters

Prodigy PA3 – P Model S is straighter and lower profile
MVP Ohm – Both are very straight flyers, Ohm has higher glide
MVP Nomad – Nomad flips a bit more and is slower
Viking Knife – Knife fades more
Innova Invader – P Model S is higher glide
Discraft Challenger – Challenger is deeper and fades more

Prodigy P Model S Conclusion

The P Model S is a straight flying putter that is neutral in the circles. It handles torque well and can be used for any putting style. Beginners will love the ease of use, advanced players will love the consistency.

See your P Model S options here at Infinite Discs!

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