Putter Reviews

The Landmine putt and approach discs is perhaps Doomsday Discs' best known disc at this point. It is unique in
Viking Discs Knife putter review
The Viking Knife is an easy to throw, versatile putter that can handle serious power. It's solid in all categories
Prodigy P Model S Review
As the name suggests, Prodigy Discs' P Model S putter is a stable putt and approach disc. Although the name is
Divergent Discs Nuno Putter Review
According to Divergent Discs, Nuno means 'Old Man of the Mound'. This feels about right for a putter that is
Essential Discs Honey review
Essential Discs is a small company that has been around since 2010 and now operates out of Lansing, Michigan right
Discmania Link
The first putter from the Discmania Evolution line of discs is the Link. This is a neutral flyer with a
The Ponderosa is AGL's high glide and understable putter offering. The Ponderosa contasts nicely with the rest of AGL's overstable
agl madrone putter review
The Madrone is a low glide putter from Above Ground Level that loves power and long straight lines. It shares
most overstable disc golf putters
There are plenty of overstable disc golf putters, but there is something magical about insanely overstable putters that fade before
Innova Invader putter review
Innova has introduced another low glide putter to its lineup, the Invader. The Invader specializes in approaches by balancing low
AGL Discs Manzanita Review
The Manzanita is a low glide, overstable putter which oozes consistency. Approved in 2018, it was one of the first
Shortly after Paige Pierce joined Discraft they released a new putter. We got an early test flight but waited to
Dynamic Discs Guard
The Dynamic Discs Guard is their deepest rimmed putter to date. Is this the protection you need to keep those
Infinite Discs Cohort Putter Review
The Cohort is Infinite Discs' fourth putter. It is a fast putter with a low-profile and small diameter great for
Storm Disc Golf has intrigued us with some unique features and their putter doesn’t disappoint.  Crater is a perfect way to
Arsenal Discs C4 putter review
Arsenal Discs is a small disc golf manufacturer with a unique lineup. The C4 is the only putter in Arsenal's
Latitude 64 Caltrop putter review
The Latitude 64 Caltrop was released in 2016 around the time that many lower glide and overstable putters were hitting
Discraft Focus review putter
Discraft released the Focus in 2009 as an Ace Race disc, a straight putter with moderate glide. The Focus has
Discraft Luna
The first disc Paul McBeth has developed in conjunction with Discraft is a putter - the Luna. This putter is
Innova Bullfrog putter review
Innova recently released the Bullfrog, a controllable low-glide putter.  This putter has about as much glide as you'd expect if
Westside Discs Maiden
The 2018 Trilogy Challenge putter is the Maiden by Westside Discs.  Read on as we take this low-profile neutral putter
Gateway disc golf chiefOS review
Overstable but offers long straight lines.  Crazy glide but provides confidence and consistency.  The Chief OS is a very versatile
Galaxy Discs Magneton
Galaxy Disc Golf enters the disc golf market with the Magneton, a low profile putter.  Will this putter be your
Gateway Discs Chief Review putter
The Gateway Chief will give you commanding accuracy as it flies straight as an arrow toward your target. This straight
Discmania P3x
Discmania makes another entry into the approach putter category.  This time it's the P3X, a beaded putter with overstable tendencies.  
Vibram Disc Golf has recently announced that it will no longer be manufacturing disc golf discs.  In honor of the
Innova AviarX3
Innova Discs has released several overstable driving putters in the last 18 months with the Rat, Aviar3, and Stud.  Each
Infinite Discs Tomb
The disc golf archaeologists over at Infinite Discs have been searching for the holy grail of putters, one that is
Infinite Discs continues their brand roll out with a stable putter they have called the Myth.  It's certainly not legend
Innova Rat
Are you tired of going round and round searching for a new sidearm midrange disc?  Catch the Innova Discs Rat
Prodigy Disc Golf PA3 Review
One of our readers (@TBartExpress on Twitter) recently suggested that we test Prodigy's PA-3 putter.  We haven't tested much Prodigy
The Sarek is Latitude 64's first venture into overmold.  True to the overmold expectation, this putter holds it's line and
MVP Particle
The 2017 MVP Circuit Putter arrives just in time to bring Joy for the holidays.  The MVP Particle is often
Discraft Challenger OS Review
Discraft's Challenger OS is one of the best mold modifications I have thrown.  Some mold adjustments make the disc slightly
Lightning Discs Rubber Putter Review
Lightning Disc Golf is one of the few brands beside Vibram to offer a disc made of rubber.  This is
Dynamic Discs Slammer Review
The Dynamic Discs Slammer is one of the most robust overstable putters that we've thrown.  It's powerful and comfortable plus
Discraft Ringer and RingerGT Review
Discraft's Ringer, originally released in Pro-D, has now been released in the adjusted Ringer GT mold available in Jawbreaker and Soft-X plastics.
Axiom Discs Proxy
A straight flying disc is rare.  Even more rare is a disc that flies just as straight with reduced power.
It's time to "nip it in the bud" and fix your long distance putting.  Dynamic Discs brings us the Deputy
Innova Nova
Innova Discs' first overmold putter, the Nova, is currently in play by a few top pros like Paul McBeth.  Let's

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