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Discraft Fierce Review

Shortly after Paige Pierce joined Discraft they released a new putter. We got an early test flight but waited to review the disc until we confirmed the production issue would be the same. Read on to hear what we think about the Fierce.

Manufacturer Notes

Straight from Discraft:

The first disc in the Paige Pierce line, the Fierce putter! The Fierce is a straight flying understable putter that was designed along with Paige Pierce to create a with a small diameter putter with a good hand feel for players of all sizes. The Fierce putter demonstrates straight flights with effortless glide and excels at understable turnover approaches. 

Available Plastics: Swirly Putter Blend
Flight Rating: 3, 4, -2, 0

Initial Reactions on the Fierce

If you’ve followed professional disc golf in the past few years, you know that Paige Pierce was formerly a member of the Dynamic Discs team. They built a putter, the Deputy, for her. I expected the Fierce to look, feel, and putt like a Deputy. Wrong! The Fierce reminds me more of a Discraft APX. The shoulder is comfortable and the lower rim angles back drastically.

The plastic blend provides a grippy texture, perfect for putting in my opinion. I didn’t notice the smaller diameter right away.

Discraft Fierce


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Putting Notes

So it doesn’t feel like a Deputy, but the Fierce putts a lot like one. As an understable putter it really shines in the hands of anyone putting with a hyzer angle. It also helps anyone without a lot of putting power to get a clean, straight flight into the basket. The understability also provides some extra glide on those longer putts.

I was impressed with the Fierce in windy conditions where understable putters tend to show their flaws. Discraft’s crew did a great job making sure the golfer doesn’t need to change putters for a moderately windy day. General wind putting rules still apply.

Upshots and Approaches

Throwing an understable putter like the Fierce requires a special level of touch and control. From the tee, the putter will tend to turn over enough that I need to give it a higher trajectory to allow for a full flight. For my arm speed, the Fierce gives similar results to Discraft’s understable midrange the Sol.

On shorter approaches, the Fierce presents a straighter flight with a flat finish. You won’t get much skip or ground play unless you turn it over too much.


Dynamic Discs Deputy – Likely the disc everyone will try to compare to the Fierce. Similar flight, different feel.
Discraft APX – Similar shape and similar flight; APX feels a little bigger in the hand.
Innova Colt – Similar understable flight; the Colt travels further and straighter.

Discraft Fierce Final Verdict

It was no surprise to see Discraft release a new putter for Paige Pierce (although how quickly that happened was a bit of a surprise). The Fierce seems to be a great putter for her. I think anyone that struggles to putt straight from 35′ should try the Fierce.

Infinite Discs has several great color choices for the Fierce.

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