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Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide 2019

We have a 2020 guide for disc golf gifts here if you would like to see more recent gift recommendations: 2020 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide

Holidays are here, Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re late getting you the annual disc golf gift guide. But don’t worry, despite our scrambling we’ve still been able to identify the best disc golf gifts of 2019 which are sure it put a smile on your special disc golfer’s face!

As always, we only recommend disc golf gift ideas that we believe in and put our reputation behind. The disc golf presents we have listed below are not listed in any particular order.

New Paul McBeth Molds

Starting with one of the most exciting 2019 disc golf discs, who wouldn’t love to test out the new lineup from the world’s best disc golfer? Paul McBeth has a signature line of discs with Discraft and we like the molds he’s put out so far including:

discraft anax paul mcbeth driver

New or Renewed PDGA Membership

Purchasing a membership is not the most exciting thing for a disc golfer to spend money on, so it makes a great gift that any disc golfer can appreciate. at $50 for an amateur memebership you can’t go wrong with this disc golf gift.


Disc Golf Starter Set

If your special disc golfer has been throwing less than a couple years then a starter set may be a great disc golf Christmas gift! Starter sets can offer a good selection of discs suited for less experienced disc golfers often at a great price. For example, Infinite Discs’ starter sets which are designed specifically for the developing thrower are a great value. You can read our full Infinite Discs Starter Set review here:

Infinite Discs 2 Disc Starter Set
Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set here

Selection or Mystery Box

Infinite Discs Starter Set

We love big boxes of discs! Sometimes mystery boxes are fun becuase they are a good deal and you get a surprise. We’ve purchased many Infinite Discs mystery boxes and have always been pleased with the result. You can check Infinite’s mystery selection here:


But sometimes you want to know exactly what you’re getting in your box of discs. In this case we highly recommend the Infinite Discs 8 Disc Starter Set. This set is designed to give new disc golfers a good selection of discs, but we think it’s a great disc golf gift for any disc golfer who wants a larger collection.

See the Infinite Discs 8 Disc Starter set here

Or maybe you just want to pick a specific disc. Here are some of our favorites that we think everyone should give a chance:

Disc Golf Board Game

Wait, theres a disc golf board game?? It’s a game called BIRDIE and it’s in the Kickstarter phase by the Boda Brothers and supported by Steven Dodge. It’s not available yet but an early investment for your special disc golfer would be an excited christmas present!


Octothorpe Custom Disc Golf Bag

If you’re looking to go big for your special disc golfer this holiday look no further than the Custom Octothorpe disc golf bag. This disc golf present comes with a high price tag but any disc golfer would go crazy for this amazing bag. Customize the color of any element on this bag, which olds an awful lot of discs and is incredible quality!

Octothorpe Disc Golf Bag Gift

Customize your Octothorpe disc golf bag here!

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

Looking for a bag that is more nimble and less expensive? We love the Infinite Discs Slinger bag… so much so that we’re recommending it as a top disc golf gift for the second year in a row! This is a one-strap bag that slings over your shoulder and comfortably holds 10 discs. It’s also very affordable!

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag


Infinite Discs Gift Card

Sometimes we just don’t know the best disc golf present for our beloved disc golfer who may have very specific preferences. Luckily Infinite Discs offers both physical and e-gift cards that are perfect for any disc golfer!


Happy Holidays from the DG Puttheads!

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