Lessons of disc golfer's wife

Lessons Learned By A Disc Golfer’s Wife

We’ve got a very special guest post for you today from Chris’ wife, Cheryl.  Cheryl has some advice for the wives (or husbands) of all the disc golfers out there which should be especially helpful for those who’s spouse just picked up disc golf!  Here’s what she has to say.

So your husband just picked up disc golf… don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re marriage is a complete fail.  You’ll need to work on your patience a lot but there are few things that you can do to be prepared without extensive research on disc golf.


  1. Make sure all dinner plates are square.


  2. On the same note, avoid circular foods such as cookies and tortilla shells.


  3. Keep a can of spackle on hand at all times for when your husband misses (even though he knows he’s not supposed to throw discs inside the house).


  4. That perfect sitting area in your yard, you know the one with the perfect view of the sunset?  Forget the bench, this area is now reserved for his permanent disc golf basket.disc golf basket in yard


  5. Be aware that disc golf discussions may suddenly occur at any given time. Equip yourself with agreeing words like “oh” and “that’s awesome” remembering that if you act too interested you’ll give yourself away that you’re not actually listening.


  6. Keep a set of discs in your car at all times.  You never know when you’ll pass somewhere he wants to stop and throw, and believe me it’s just better to be prepared and let him throw than spend the next 3 hour car ride listening to him repeat that he wishes he had his discs.
    disc golf basket birthday cake
    Really show your husband you love him with a disc golf basket birthday cake!


  7. Do not allow your husband to hide discs under the pillow. He may claim it’s a safety precaution in case of an intruder but in reality he truly believes it will subconsciously improve his form.


  8. So it’s his birthday. Forget gifts from the heart. He won’t feel you actually, truly, love him unless you’re buying him discs.


  9. When you hear him talking to someone about a NutSac, Kaxe, or a Pig, don’t be alarmed. Chances are he’s just shopping for new disc golf loot. Hopefully.


  10. Be ready for innuendos that will make him think he’s hilarious.  I mean really, how many times can you laugh at jokes about the size of his disc?


  11. Be ready for every vacation destination to be based on where the highest rated disc golf course is. If you’re smart you’ll use this to your advantage and find one near a shopping mall.  He won’t dare point out how much money you spent when you mention he spent your family vacation on the course.
    Glow Disc Golf Discs
    Those lights and glow sticks are for glow disc golf at night


  12. When he starts buying multi colored battery operated lights and glow sticks don’t be concerned. He’s not setting up a rave.


  13. If you use his favorite disc to scrape the ice off your car be prepared to learn why you have sabotaged the disc’s flight.


  14. Apparently there is a difference between a disc and a Frisbee. But don’t ask unless you’re prepared for the three hour seminar.


  15. As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  Truth is, this is not the worst addiction he can have.  So grab a disc and join him for some good bonding time in the great outdoors.  You may even have fun… but don’t let him find that out!


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  • Lee Stasko

    Explains oh so much! Great suggestion on vacation spot!! I will certainly be watching for that one.!Excellent tips…going to get a Corel dish for him now.lol

  • Jillian Ernst

    Great article!! I felt the exact same way and would let him play tournaments if he would let me shop or by me center things!! Fast forward 7 years and now I play most of the PDGA tournaments and he takes our son on little adventures while I’m in the tournament!! Get out there ladies! It’s a great sport for us to!!

  • Danielle

    #6. Needs a million exclamation points! It is SO TRUE. We have discs in all our cars, just in case.
    And then I can stop and play if I have time, too 😉 (although I don’t get heartbroken if I don’t have any, lol!!)

    • rlane2k

      Isn’t it great that the game is free and can be easily played with one or two discs?! They’re small enough to have a few sitting in the car for any occasion.

  • Rob

    Don’t forget #16 – Where have you been? Seriously, this whole time? Um, yeah, really. Ran into some buddies, played some dubs, had to try out my new disc, worked on some putts. You know, it just happens. In fact, on hole 8 I had this one shot….

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