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Just Throw – Episode 2 – Lines

Here we go with episode 2!  Let’s talk about lines, it’ll be tons of pun.

Episode Theme: Lines
Episode Length: 52:30
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  • Introduction
    • Ever introduce a friend to disc golf?  How do you tell them all of the shots that you can throw with a disc?
    • The word line is very ambiguous and has a lot of idioms
  • Lines in life
    • The paths we take in life can be similar to the lines we take in disc golf
      • The safe path is similar to working hard over a long period of time
      • High risk/High reward lines are similar to shortcutting the hard work
      • Flashy hyzer bomb lines to show off are like driving expensive cars or wearing designer clothes
      • We all likely bounce between these different extremes
    • How do you choose your lines?
      • Just wing it?  Is your disc golf game inconsistent? Do you treat every situation in life as an isolated event?
      • Choose a strategy and hold to that your entire round and most of your life?
      • Do you evaluate at each step along the way?
      • Go with what’s been working that round?
      • Do you care what other people think of the lines you choose?  Are you ok with other people watching you lay up, or do you want to impress people?
    • Chris and Rodney share some personal stories
  • Disc flight lines
    • How do you strategize for a round?
    • Do you choose lines on the fly or plan ahead of time?
    • Does the weather or your mood change your strategy?
    • Do you play the hole backwards?
    • Do you get stuck playing the same lines at your home course?
      • Sometimes a local can show you new routes
      • Sometimes a visitor provides a fresh perspectiveKenwood Disc Golf Course Hole11
    • Do the lines change as the seasons change?
  • Manufacturer lines
    • Are there advantages to throwing just one brand?
      • Familiarity with plastic
      • Consistent feel
      • Less overlap
      • Flight ratings
  • Product Reviews

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray

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