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Just Throw Podcast Mini Series

If you’ve been listening to the Just Throw Podcast over the past months then you’ve heard us dropping hints about mini podcasts.  Well they’re here now!  We’ve had people mention that they’d like more content, but the full length podcasts are difficult to coordinate and then take time for Rodney to process and upload.  So we thought we’d add a few smaller pods in between the full episodes.  We also recorded video and uploaded to YouTube; here are the first two:

Collecting Discs:


Out Of Print Discs (Discraft Crush):

Please tell us what you think of the mini podcasts.  At this point we plan to continue since it gives us an opportunity to cover shorter topics that we may not be able to fit in to the full length podcasts.  If you have any topics you’d like us to cover, just shoot us a message!

Thanks for listening, and don’t forget, Just Throw!


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