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Just Throw – Episode 9 – Luck

Back in the studio for this episode, we’re discussing luck, curses, and superstition.

Episode Theme: Luck
Episode Length: 01:03:44
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Thanks for continuing to listen through our downtime.  We’re hoping to get back on a solid recording schedule now.  After catching up we discuss the Ace Curse Contest we’re running with The Disc Golf Podcast and Big Daddy Disc Golf.  Join now to get a chance at some new plastic.

Next we get in to the topic of the week – luck.  We’re talking good luck, bad luck, curses, superstitions, and how to take the game one shot at a time.

Chris reviews the Dynamic Discs Slammer, which you can buy from our store and support us in the process.

Rodney discusses his experience with the Innova Wedge, which is part of the EDGE disc golf program.

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray


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