Viking Discs Knife putter review
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Viking Discs Knife Review

The Viking Knife is an easy to throw, versatile putter that can handle serious power. It’s solid in all categories and can be used for nearly any purpose and may preclude the need to carry other putter molds. It also has a cool stamp of a ripped Viking holding an intimidating knife. Keep reading for more information on the Viking Knife putter.

Viking Knife Manufacturer Notes

Here is how Viking Discs describes their Knife putter:

Multipurpose Knife putter that can handle lots of power! The rim design is made for both power and fan grip. Its blunt, rounded feel makes it very comfortable to throw from the tee and shorter approaches.  Knife is the first disc of the Viking Discs lineup. Knife doesn’t have a bead, so it is most suitable for power grip type of shots. Knife flight is stable and straight with a nice little fade finish. If you are looking for a driving putter, Knife is a great choice!

Viking Discs Knife Manufacturer Page
Available Ground, Storm, Armor
Flight Rating: 2, 3, 0, 2

Viking Knife Initial Reaction

Viking Knife putter profile disc

Flat top, low profile, no bead; feels about right. The nose is pointed enough to justify calling this putter the Knife but not the the point that it feels unusual or flies funny. It feels like an overstable putter such as a Zone or Jokeri but it is straighter and more workable, yet somehow attains a similar level of reliability! The Ground plastic Knife begins to puddle-top for a nice feel as it breaks in.

Viking Knife


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Infinite Discs offers the Viking Knife in a putter pack of 10 for $59.99 which comes to $5.99 per disc. It is important to have a sufficient number of putters for practicing and this is a great way to get started!

Check the Knife putter pack here!

Viking Knife Putting Notes

The Knife is a relatively neutral putting putter. It has enough glide to feel comfortable but not a ton. It is straight with a smooth release, but a predictable fade at the end. The Knife seems to work well with every putting style. Smooth release and straight path for spin putters, flat top and low profile for push putters, moderate glide and consistent performance for straddle putters.

Viking Knife putter rim

Although the Knife is not high glide it can be effective for long putts when released on an anhyzer. Released on a slight anhyzer and a touch nose up, the Knife will hold a long straight putting line right to the basket. At the edge of circle 2 the Knife can hold a smooth anhzyer putt line and fade back to the basket at the end with its true 2 fade. The Knife holds up in wind well and the Ground plastic can handle any condition from rain, to snow, to dry and dusty.

Viking Knife Flight Notes

The Knife is a relatively slow flying putter, but can handle a high amount of power. This allows for greater control especially when you need a late fade or a long smooth anhyzer. It holds its line for a long distance until the reliable fade kicks in at the end.

As already mentioned, the Knife is an all-around putter. It works great for long anhzyer shots or big hyzers. Perhaps the best use is long and straight lines that need both power and accuracy. The Knife is also a proficient forhand putter that can handle short flick-putts or longer forehand approach shots.

Viking Knife putter stamp

The Knife is good in the wind. It will still get pushed around a bit since it is a 2-speed, but you shouldn’t feel the need to switch to a different disc in most cases. The primary weakness of the Knife is that it is not as workable as higher glide putters, it likes longer drawn out lines more than curved and shaped shots. However, if you throw ground plastic, that workability increases as it breaks in.

Viking Knife Comparable Putters

Discraft Zone – Zone is faster
Prodiscus Jokeri – Jokeri fades harder (Broken in base plastic Jokeri is very similar)
AGL Manzanita – Manzanita is taller lower glide
Kastaplast Reko – Reko is rounder and lower glide
Thought Space Praxis – Praxis is faster with higher glide
Westside Harp – Harp fades harder
Infinite Discs Tomb – Tomb is straighter

Viking Knife Putter Conclusions

The Viking Knife is a versatile, all-around putter. It get high marks in most categories but doesn’t specialize in any one category, so if you like the feel of it then it may well be the only putter you carry. The Viking Knife is especially great for finding long tight lines that require power plus accuracy.

If you’re ready to slice up the course, you can get your own Viking Discs Knife here!

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