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Disc Golf Data: Becoming A Better Disc Golfer

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Disc Golf Data Book

You want to become a better disc golfer. You have taken advice from friends, watched videos online, and maybe even taken a clinic or two. Now is the time to take the next step that will propel you ahead of the competition. That next step is data. Data beyond the number of birdies you made or the distance you throw.

Expect a book that will show you what data to record from your disc golf game and how use it to improve your disc golf performance.

Chris Bawden’s Disc Golf Data is the ‘money ball’ of disc golf. He argues that improving your performance requires that each necessary skill—drives, approaches and putts–is accounted for with metircs, whether you are a rising amateur or a top professional. As a lover of data, Bawden’s money ball approach to disc golf seems like the best way to shave strokes off your score.

-Josh Woods, author of Parked Disc Golf

Disc Golf Data: Becoming a Better Disc Golfer contains a new set of disc golf metrics, beyond what exists today, that have been crafted specifically for disc golf. You will learn how to create basic but critical metrics without going into mathmatical theory. These metrics identify areas of your game that need work, help you improve in those areas, and ask critical questions to take specific actions.

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The metrics in this book are organized into goal-oriented sections to help you identify specific areas of your game that need work and then help you to improve. You may even learn a few things around building out a better bag! This Disc Golf Data book targets your game at a tactical level, but it does include some data that can help shape your strategy or how you approach holes. By the time you are finished with this book, you will think about your disc golf game in a new light.

One critical feature of this book is that each metric description includes important considerations on how to use that data and what to watch out for to ensure you are collecting good data. Insights from your data are only as good as the data that you collect. These considerations will help you use the data properly to make real conclusions about your disc golf game and can even translate into data you use anywhere else!

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Additional Book Details

The focus of Disc Golf Data: Becoming a Better Disc Golfer is on improving your game at a tactical level but will include some data that can help shape your strategy or how you approach holes. We need to drive the capture of new data to support deeper disc golf analtyics, but this requires starting at the tactical level, proving the data works, and then building up. If you are ready to be part of the disc golf data revolution then this book is for you.

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Most importantly, this book is intended to drive disc golf data in general. The metrics in this book will absolutely help improve your game, but I am challenging all readers to go beyond these metrics and build your own. My goal is to inspire the use of data in disc golf, not to sell you solely on the metrics that I propose. You need to drive the data revolution, not me.

Download Disc Golf Data Excel Document

You can download the Excel document with calculations for many of the book metrics by clicking the link below. The document is still in progress with additional metric being added weekly.


About The Author

Disc Golf Chris

Chris is a data scientist with over 10 years of professional data experience. He specialized in web marketing data for many years and now focuses on IT data surrounding process and quality. He frequently collects data to measure that which has not previously been measured.

On top of his 20 years of disc golf experience, Chris has played hockey his entire life and earned All-Conference honors playing lacrosse in college. He lives in Michigan with his wife and daughters and is close to his home course at Burchfield Park.

Chris is co-author here, at DG Puttheads, along with Rodney. Together, they have written a handful of articles about disc golf data over the past five years and now it is all coming together in a disc golf data book. Read more about Chris here.


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Disc Golf Data: Becoming a Better Disc Golfer
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