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Best Disc Golf Putter

Updated 1/8/2021
Most disc golfers have strong opinions on the best disc golf putter. There are literally hundreds of disc golf putters available now so it can be difficult to know which putter is best.  Below you will find a list of our reccomended best disc golf putters to give you a jump start.

Here is a table of contents to help you navigate this list of best disc golf putters:

What is the best disc golf putter?

The Dynamic Discs Judge is the most popular putter in disc golf and widely considered the best all-around disc golf putter. The Judge is popular because it is controllable and versatile as well as comfortable in the hand. The Judge is a high glide putter with a little turn and features a flat top and a bead. The Judge can handle hard throws where it turns longer and fades out straight, or gentle throws where it travels straight followed by a reliable fade.

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The Judge was originally modeled after the Gateway Wizard, which is also one of the most popular disc golf putters. The Wizard is more overstable than the Judge and a little faster. The Wizard shares a similar nose shape with the Judge.

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Both the Dynamic Discs Judge and the Gateway Wizard stand out as the best all-around disc golf putters available today and are among the most popular putter choices of professional disc golfers.  The Judge and Wizard also come in a variety of plastics that can modify the flight and performance to appease disc golfers of all types.

Best disc golf putter

What makes a good disc golf putter?

The best putter for you will be comfortable in your hand, easy to release, and travel on your desired putting arc.  Consistency is also an extremely important feature for your disc golf putter. A solid putter will allow you to release smoothly and putt consistently from both inside the circle and further out into the approach zone. 

Some disc golfers use putters exclusively for putting and short shots, while others throw their putters long distances. When selecting a putter, it is important to consider how you will use it. You may choose to use an all-around versatile putter for both putting and throwing, or you could carry a putting putter and a throwing putter. We recommend starting with one all-around putter mold like the Judge so that you can learn it well and add additional putters as you find the need. There is nothing wrong with carrying just one putter or carrying four putters as long as you know them well. Don’t forget that you can get the same putter in a different plastic and that can change how it flies. 

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Research is a great way to decide which putters to test, but you still need to test them on the course. Every disc flies differently for each disc golfer. The putter’s performance depends on many factors such as your style, experience, and even the way you grip the disc. For more research on how putters fly when thrown, you can use our flight chart tool link below.

You can see our comprehensive disc golf flight chart tool here.

Popular Disc Golf Putters

Many disc golfers argue that all putters are simply clones of the Innova Aviar. The Aviar is often considered the original disc golf putter and is an excellent all-around putter that is easy to replace if lost or worn down.  However, each putter does have different characteristics that become more apparent the further away you putt. Certain disc golf situations can benefit greatly from the different putter characteristics.  We always recommend that you test multiple putters in different plastic types.  Here are our recommendations for the best putters for different uses:

Best All-Around Disc Golf PutterDynamic Discs Judge

If you read the sections above then you already know that we list the Dynamic Discs Judge as the best all-around disc golf putter. While the Wizard is close, we believe the Judge’s light turn make it a little more friendly for the majority of disc golfers. The Judge is also a speed slower than the Wizard which increases control in your short game.  Another putter consider in this category is the Streamline Pilot, which you’ll read more about below.

Dynamic Discs Judge Review | Check Pricing

Best disc Golf Putter Alternates:

Best Driving PutterDiscraft Roach Putter Review

Sometimes you need to throw a putter with power from the tee, but not all putters can handle power and offer workability at the same time. The Roach is torque resistant, offers a great deal of glide, and can function wonderfully at a variety of distances. The Roach also allows you to shape your flight more than overstable putters which is why this is our recommendation for best driving putter.

The Roach is available in many plastics that will give you flight variations. The Big Z Roach will show long and gentle turn that likes to fade forward whereas the Titanium Roach won’t turn as much and has a harder fade.
Discraft Roach Review -| Check Pricing

Best Putter For DistanceGateway Wizards

Some disc golfers like to throw putters for distance so they can still take advantage of the slow speed for control. The Wizard is one of the best disc golf putters for distance because it has high glide and is overstable enough to handle torque. It also provides just a slight turn at high speeds which adds distance. The Wizard can be released at a low angle and flipped up, or it can be released on a high angle for a long anhyzer. The best part is that is incredibly consistent.
Gateway Wizard Review | Check Pricing

Best Distance Putters Alternatives:

  • Westside Crown – Crown has a bit more turn
  • Gateway Chief – Chief is straighter

Best Putter for Push PuttsStreamline Discs Pilot

Push putting requires a firmer flight plate and a neutral/stable putter. We suggest the Streamline Pilot as the best putter for push putts. The Pilot fits comfortably in your hand and provides an ideal flight and glide combination for push putting.
Streamline Discs Pilot Review | Check Pricing

Best Putter for Spin Putts

Spin putting is the most traditional style of disc golf putting and many disc golfers find that a straight and glidey putter holds the most benefits. We believe the MVP Atom is one of the absolute best putters for spin putting. It sports a low profile and small diameter with high glide. MVP’s overmold design also offers and great weight balance to the Atom. Whether you are putting or throwing the Atom, it is one of the straightest discs that you will find in disc golf.
MVP Atom Review| Check Pricing

Spin Putting Honorable Mentions:

Best Putter for Jump Putts

Jump putting requires extra distance and a high glide putter is helpful to not only gain distance but to maintain form. It also helps to have a putter that will fade back a little to assist in control. We think the Dynamic Discs Warden is the best putter for jump putts. The Warden has amazin glide and will hold a long and precise line before fading back consistently but not hard. The Warden also provides a good feel which can help with smooth releases as you power up your toss. The Warden comes in many plastics that alter the flight and we like the Fuzion because it shows a little turn, but the Warden in any plastic is a great jump putting putter.
Dynamic Discs Warden Review | Check Pricing

Best Overstable PutterDynamic Discs Suspect Review

An overstable putter offers more benefits than a straight putter for approaching the basket or fighting the wind.  The Dynamic Discs Slammer just recently overtook the Suspect as our recommendation of the best overstable putter.  The Slammer is consistent, can fight wind, and is an excellent driving and approach putter. Sadly, the Slammer is OOP (Out Of Production) so it may be difficult to find and we will update this listing of Best Overstable Putter soon.
Dynamic Discs Slammer Review | Check Pricing

Best Understable PutterWestside Discs Swan 1 Reborn

An understable putter allows for a lighter toss from those precarious positions.  Often understable putters are inconsistent and dive hard, but the Swan is a gentle putter appropriate for many putting styles. For this reason the Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn is our choice for best understable disc golf putter. The Swan is a low profile putter with no bead and offers a very smooth release which helps with consistency. Its availability in multiple plastics gave it a boost on our list.
Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn Review | Check Pricing

Understable Putter Honorable Mentions:

  • Prodigy PA4 – PA4 is higher profile
  • Gateway Magic – Magic is slower

Kastaplast K3 Berg PutterBest Low Glide Putter

A low glide putter helps reduce float away putts, which increases consistency.  The Kastaplast Berg is our choice for best low glide putter. It is a very low glide putter which will take high power throws or light tosses and will drop safely after its deadly straight flight. The Berg starts out very overstable, but becomes straight with a consistent fade as it breaks in. The Berg has one of the most noticeable puddle tops of any disc and a extremely blunt nose. Kastaplast offers the Berg in multiple plastics to excel in any condition.
Kastaplast Berg Review | Check Pricing

Low Glide Putter Honorable Mentions:

Best High Glide PutterLatitude 64 Pure Review

A high glide putter helps to reach the basket with lower power allowing you to focus on your form.  The Latitude 64 Pure is our favorite high glide putter. It is a low-profile straight putter with now bead and a smooth release. The Pure may be the glidiest putter that we’ve every thrown and is extremely workable. It can handle more torque than most stable high glide putters and can be used in many ways. The Pure is also known for its lat turn ability, a flight path that can be difficult to find in disc golf.
Latitude 64 Pure Review | Check Pricing

High Glide Putter Honorable Mentions:

Best Forehand Putter

Typically you will want a low-profile and overstable putter for forehand shots. The Stabilizer by Streamline Discs is a great forehand putter option that sits comfortabley in your hand and will take a high amount of torque. The Stabilizer will hold a relatively long and straight line before fading hard, but it has just enough glide to keep it workable. The Stabilizer also comes in multiple plastics.

Check Pricing

Forehand Putter Alternatives

AGL Discs Manzanita ReviewBest Winter Putter

The Above Ground Level Manzanita is an overstable putter with moderate glide. Both the lower glide and overstability add consistency in cold winter winds. The Manzanita can handle a great deal of power without flipping and can handle any release angle. It also sports a thumbrack which can enhance grip in cold and wet conditions. The beadless rim offers a smooth release.
AGL Manzanita Review | Check Pricing

Winter Putter Honorable Mentions:

Best Disc Golf Putter for Kids

This is a difficult but very important category, especially because we love when kids get involved in the game.  This is also difficult because it really depends on the age and athleticism of the child. 

For younger kids, Dynamic Discs makes a putter specific for kids, the Gavel. This comes in light weights and is easy to handle for smaller hands.

For teens, you’ll still likely want to explore understable putters.  The MVP Spin is an excellent option for both putting and approaches for younger players.

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Best Putters By Manufacturer

Some disc golfers like to carry discs from a single manufacturer instead of a bag of mixed plastic.  Some disc golfers (like us) just love to test out new brands and become disc golf disc connoisseurs. These are our top picks for the best disc golf putter from each disc golf manufacturer (descriptions will be added soon so check back regularly).

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