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Innova McPro and KC Pro Aviar

When a player reaches elite status, equipment manufacturer’s often produce a signature run of their favorite disc.  Some of these players even get a signature mold like the KC Pro and McPro Aviar putters for Ken Climo and Paul McBeth.  How do these putters perform for mere mortals?

Innova’s McPro and KC Pro Aviar Notes

“The McPro Aviar was the result of a collaboration between Dave Dunipace and 4x World Champion Paul McBeth. The McPro Aviar has been molded according to McBeth’s wants and needs as an elite touring player. The public now has the opportunity to directly support Paul McBeth and his touring efforts in 2015. Paul will receive a substantial portion of every McPro Aviar sold.”

“The KC (Ken Climo) Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar driver mold in a firm blend of Pro-line plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. The preferred model of top pro players.”

Available plastics: KC Pro or McPro

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, 2 fade

McPro and KC Pro Aviar Initial Reactions

Both the KC Pro and McPro are shaped very similarly to an Aviar (thus the name). The KC Pro adds a bead to the rim but otherwise these are very similar putters. I feel like the MC Pro has a slightly deeper rim.  The plastic for both is very firm, making them a great choice for push putting.  Because these discs are extremely similar, we’ll review them together.

Innova KC Pro Aviar Profile
Innova KC Pro Aviar Profile
Innova McPro Aviar Profile
Innova McPro Aviar Profile

McPro and KC Pro Aviar Flight Charts

Innova Aviar KC Pro


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McPro and KC Pro Aviar Putting Notes

The plastic is firm enough for push putting but it is a little too slippery for me to find a consistent release.  Most of the time, the disc pops out and flies with a nice rotation, but every now and then my fingers slip and the disc flutters on its way to the ground short of the basket.  I notice the fade taking over pretty quickly, forcing me to aim a little right starting at 20’ or so.  This gives a nice natural hyzer to the disc which does help to contain those spit outs.
Innova McPro Aviar

McPro and KC Pro Aviar Upshots

These are both much more stable than the regular Aviar, offering no turn before some significant fade. I actually like the McPro a lot as an approach disc.  It is pretty consistent and flies very well in windy conditions.  The fade keeps the putter from gliding too far away if you miss.  Anhyzers flex out very nicely and a hyzer will cut left pretty quickly.  In this regard, the McPro and KC Pro are similar to the Gateway Wizard.

MCPro and KC Pro Aviar Final Verdict

Both the McPro and KC Pro Aviars are essentially a more overstable Aviar with a very firm plastic.  I don’t carry this anymore because of the occasional grip loss I experience with the plastic and, just as mentioned in my Aviar review, the rim is a little too deep for me.  In the overstable putter category, I still prefer a Wizard.  Either putter is worth a try if you are investigating the overstable putter category while looking for a push putt capable disc.

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  • Joern Idar Kvig

    Thank you for a good review. Just picked up one of each, after using Aviar Classic this season. All 175 gr. Love the weight difference these two present, the feel of the rim, the slight fade on the end, and how it flies in stronger winds.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Rob Girard

    I’ve been throwing Aviars for years. I love the harder/slippery-ness of the McPro, gives a more consistent release than the other plastics. Once you play with a new McPro for a few rounds, that slippery feeling goes away, but never gets tacky either. It’s a disc you have to play with for a while to see the light. I originally tried them, put them away and then went back to using them. Pro plastic doesn’t grab chains like softer/grippier plastics, but it will force you to hit your mark…no gimmies. Once you get your accuracy down, McPro gives you that consistent release every time…Makes a good thrower too. Only downside is if you beat them up quickly, you better stock up, Innova only releases them in short runs through the online pro shop and they trickle down to shops, typically with a mark up.

    • Rodney Lane

      Thanks for the note Rob. I had the same experience with the McPro, where I would put it away and get it out again time after time. Since I primarily push putt, I’m exerting a decent amount of force with those back two fingers. I also tend to have dry fingers and the slippery plastic just doesn’t give me the release I can perform consistently. I know I’m abnormal, so your point is solid for anyone else looking at this putter.

      And, you’re absolutely correct, these things aren’t as easy to replace as Innova tends to release them in smaller quantities when McBeth hits a major milestone (which does happen a lot…). The best thing though, I feel like Innova does a very solid job at creating discs the same, time after time. When you order a new McPro, it’ll perform just like the rest.

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