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Innova Aviar3 Review

The Aviar mold gets the ‘3’ treatment making it flatter, faster, and more overstable.  Read on to see how the Aviar3 compares to other Innova putters.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Flat-topped and fierce, the Aviar3 is an ideal putter for short drives, aggressive upshots, and windy putts.”

Available plastics: DX, Star

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 2 glide, 0 turn, 2 fade

Initial Reactions

We’ve reviewed the Aviar Putt and Approach, the McPro and the KC Pro.  We’ve thrown and putted with the Yeti, the JK, the XD, and the Driver.  We can say that the Aviar3 is a different feel than you’re used to when it comes to Aviars.  The flat top really changes the feeling in the hand and the new DX plastic is really nice.  This feels more like a smaller Bulldog.

Innova Aviar3 Profile

By the Numbers

Innova Aviar 3


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Putting Notes

The Aviar3 putts just like an overstable, low-glide putter should – it cuts to a hyzer fairly quickly.  This is good news if you’re looking for a smaller leave after a missed putt.  The flat top makes this putter feel a little smaller in the hand and makes for an easy release.

Push putting with the Aviar3 didn’t leave a lasting impression as it gets pretty overstable after 25′.  You’d probably opt for a different putter with more glide like the McPro Aviar or the Aviar PandA if you want to stick with an Innova putter.  Spin putting isn’t my forte but the Aviar3 is consistent and missed putts don’t seem to fly by or roll away very far.  I would compare its putting performance with a Rhyno.

As you probably already know, an overstable putter is nice when it gets windy.  Add in the reduced glide and you’ve got a trusty windy day disc.


Innova says this disc was designed for aggressive upshots and short drives.  I’ve put that statement to a good test for several rounds and this putter is what we were hoping the Innova Stud would be.

On a longer approach shot, the Aviar3 flies fairly straight with a cut at the end.  This allows your approach to make a run at the basket without gliding as far by as a straight or understable putter might.  If your style is to park the approach by the basket, the Aviar3 does well at that too after you get the hang of the flight path.  For shorter approaches, this putter tends to have a more pronounced hyzer curve before dropping out of the air, but it is very manageable.

Driving off the teepad with the Aviar3 is fun.  Chris uses the Kastaplast Berg for a lot of those shots but I found it a little too overstable for my arm speed.  The Aviar3 fits right in as a putter that doesn’t turn over on a short drive.  I get a straight flight with a hard fade at the end of a 250-270′ throw.  For comparison, I get a little more of an ‘S’ turn with a new DX Roc that travels closer to 300′.  In fact, it is my speculation that the Aviar3 is meant to replace the slot vacated by the retired Classic Roc (another name used on many different molds).

On a soft anhyzer line, the Aviar3 rides a little more before coming back to center.  The same is true for an anhyzer flick.  On a soft hyzer line, it cuts and drops nicely with minimal ground action.  

Aside from the anhyzer and hyzer lines, I feel like the Aviar3 does better when thrown lower.  I found more consistent results when the disc didn’t get too far above my head.

Final Verdict

The Aviar3 is a driving putter that can be used for approach duty as well.  I’d compare it to the Axiom Discs Envy and the Discmania P2.  The Envy, one of my favorite approach putters, flies a little straighter and a little longer, but otherwise the two discs are similar.  The P2 is a little deeper but the flight path is almost the same.

Anyone searching for a slightly overstable approach disc with minimal glide needs to try the Aviar3.

If you’re reach to look for you own, you can check out Aviar3 prices here!

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    • Rodney Lane

      Thanks Mike. Rodney’s back to using the Envy, but the Aviar3 is a very good alternative for those looking to go all Innova. The Envy now comes in Electron plastic – we’ll be updating this review soon with our impressions and experience.

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