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Innova AviarX3 Review

Innova Discs has released several overstable driving putters in the last 18 months with the Rat, Aviar3, and Stud.  Each of these discs feels and flies differently while still being considered a driving putter.  It won’t win any awards for an original disc name, but does the AviarX3 win the overstable putter slot in your bag?

Innova AviarX3 Putter Notes

“Aggressive backhand and forehand throws are a breeze with the AviarX3. Our most overstable Aviar model to date, the AviarX3 is ideal for headwind upshots and drives. It has a similar grip and 3-series speed as the Aviar3 but with greater stability.”

Available plastics: Star

Flight Rating: 3, 2, 0, 3

AviarX3 Initial Reactions

This doesn’t feel much like an Aviar to me.  The Aviar3 was smooth with a comfortable rim.  The AviarX3 is a little chunky with a sharp flashing and a fairly deep rim.  I wish I could hold a DX version to get a better feel of the mold.

Innova Discs AviarX3 Profile

Innova AviarX3 By the Numbers

Innova AviarX3


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AviarX3 Putting Notes

Let’s be honest, this isn’t meant to be your main putter.  It’s just too overstable for my liking.  Those of you putting with Aviars (or clones) might like the AviarX3 for windy days.

Aviar X3 Upshots and Approaches

It should be no surprise that the AviarX3 is more overstable than the Aviar3 released last year but it’s not as significant as I had expected.  If the Aviar3 flies like a Teebird3 – straight with an easy, forward pushing fade – the Aviar3 might be closest to a Sexton Firebird – an overstable wind fighter that doesn’t dump as hard as a regular Firebird.

With the increased overstability, the AviarX3 tends to hold a nice straight line and drops out of the air before gliding too far.  On a hard anhyzer flex line I am able to get a good amount of straight distance.  The X3 even does decent with a heavy hyzer release.  I wasn’t overly successful with a sidearm throw, mostly because the distances I can hit with a forehand putter are embarrassing and useless.  I’d opt for a midrange or at least a putter with a shallow rim.

Compared to the recently reviewed Rat, the X3 flies shorter and is more overstable.  I think the best comparison is a Jawbreaker Zone, which is less overstable than the ESP or Elite Z version.

AviarX3 Final Verdict

The AviarX3 isn’t for me.  I can create the same lines and shots more consistently with other discs.  If you have a huge arm and need more separation between your throwing putter and midrange, something like the AviarX3 might work but you’d probably rather throw the Aviar3, a Zone, or a Harp.  I also want to wait for the Champion Glow KC Pro Overmold V Aviar X3+ Enhanced Tour Fundraiser Special Swirl Burst Edition.

If you’re ready to try an AviarX3 for yourself then you can check your pricing and color options here!

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