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Innova Rat Review

Are you tired of going round and round searching for a new sidearm midrange disc?  Catch the Innova Discs Rat and you might fix your forehand approach game.

First, let’s check what Innova says about their midrange:

“Players have asked for a forehand-specific approach disc and we’ve responded. Meet the Rat. It’s a low-profile, beadless mid-range that flies fast out of the hand. Add the flat top and the Rat could be the most comfortable sidearm approach disc around. Rip it forehand and it’ll fly straight with a predictable fade at the tail end. The backhand grip feels just as good with a flight just as predictable. Bonus: It’s a good option for headwind approach shots.”

Available plastics: Star

Flight Rating:  4, 2, 0, 3

Innova Discs Rat – Feel

With a flat top and a low profile, the Rat feels similar to the original XT version of the Innova Colt (not the domey Star one).  The flashing is fairly sharp, which will likely wear down after many throws.  It isn’t painful during the throw, but you certainly notice the edge digging in to your finger.  The shoulder of the disc looks bigger than it actually feels.  The bottom bevel on the rim is angled perfectly for a sidearm grip.  As of this review, the Rat is only molded in Star plastic.

Innova Rat Profile

Innova Discs Rat – Flight

After throwing the Rat in the field and on the course in several different weather conditions, I am actually surprised at the flight numbers Innova chose.  I’d rate it closer to 4, 4, 0, 1.5.  It flies at a similar speed as a Roc and travels a very similar distance.  The disc also glides further than I had expected and fades less.

Ok, complaints about arbitrarily assigned numbers aside, the Rat throws fairly well.  Into a firm headwind I experienced some turn on a full power throw.  Other than that situation, the disc holds a very straight line until it slows down and fades to a stop.  The end of the flight is a nice forward fade that allows for precise approach throws.  With a softer touch the Rat will exhibit a lot more fade and a lot less glide.  I think it is important to note that the Rat seems to penalize the thrower for nose-up throws far more than most other mid-range discs.  Perhaps this feature is due to the smaller diameter.  Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t consider the Rat a great disc for a beginner player.

Innova specifically states that they built the Rat to be a workhorse midrange for forehand throwers.  Since I’m a backhand dominant player, I rarely choose to throw a midrange forehand during a round.  I compared the Rat to a Buzzz and a Roc on sidearm throws.  Both of the other discs require a good bit of finesse (and probably better form than I have) in order to land them consistently on target.  On the other hand, the Rat offers a decent amount of forgiveness and handles a lot of torque.  From my limited experience with this shot, the Rat seems to perform very well.

Innova Discs Rat – Conclusion

Prior to throwing the Rat, I was led to believe that this would be Innova’s answer to the Discraft Zone or the Westside Harp.  I didn’t find that to be the case at all.  The Rat is a straight flying mid-range that is comfortable and reliable for sidearm throwers.  It won’t be going in my bag but forehand players might want to give the Rat a try.

Infinite Discs has the Star Rat in stock if you’re interested in giving one a try.

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