ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training
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ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System

Training aids and strength training devices have been a staple of the golf market for quite some time.  After all, so many of us want to get better at our favorite recreational games.  Until now, we’ve seen very few disc golf training aids.  Enter ProPull with their Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System.

Acceleration Over Strength

As disc golfers, we can easily work on our putting form at home and we can practice throwing in a field with the intention of gaining consistency in our throwing motion.  We can also work on our general fitness.  I believe all of these are necessary.  But, beyond major form fixes, how can we improve our distance?  It may or may not surprise you, but your disc golf driving distance is reliant more on your ability to accelerate your arm and not the amount of arm strength you have.  Take a look at Eagle McMahon.  He’s not going to beat very many disc golfers in an arm wrestling contest but he can out throw almost all of us!  Will Schusterick is another great example of fantastic throwing form coupled with the ability to accelerate a golf disc and throw 600′ with ease.

Our friends over at Best Disc Golf Discs have done some significant research on the effect of disc velocity and distance thrown.  They found that every 1 mph in disc speed will result, on average, in 7.2′ of distance.  Check out their analysis here.

Resistance Bands

I’ve been to a few clinics and heard many pros mention their use of resistance bands as a training mechanism.  Maybe you’re like me and at first you dismissed this notion that a rubber band would be better than a dumbbell for gaining distance.  After hearing enough long-throwing pros talk about these stretchy bands, I started to try them out.  I’d attach one to a door and perform a throwing motion.  I have no idea if this was effective but the pros said it would help so I continued to do these off and on with no plan and without mapping my progress.  I even discussed a crazy idea, to attach a disc to the band so it feels closer to the athletic motion I want to improve.  Shame on me for not acting on my idea and congrats to ProPull for capitalizing on the need.

We’ll take a look at the ProPull system soon but I want to reiterate a few points.  First, even if you’re happy with your current distance (said no-one ever), the ability to throw further gives you another distinct advantage.  If, instead of throwing a 13 speed driver for a 320′ shot, you can use a mid-range or putter, your accuracy and consistency will go up significantly.  The lower speed discs are more forgiving.  Second, throwing further also means you’ll be throwing more approach shots and fewer full-strength fairway throws.  This will result in greater endurance for those multi-round tournaments (of course, you also may need to get better at those touch approach shots).

The ProPull System

Let’s take a quick inventory of the full ProPull System.  The first thing I noticed after opening the box is a nice cinch sack that holds all of the goods.  This was unexpected and adds to the value of the package.  You’ll also get two different resistance bands equipped with heavy duty carabiners, a door attachment, a tree attachment strap, and a safety strap.  And, not to be forgotten, you get a high speed driver equipped with a strap to securely attach the bands.  This disc is firm and was clearly molded for this specific need.  I’m not going to take mine out and throw it.  Each piece in this package is professionally done.  I wasn’t expecting high-quality clips or a carry bag.  All of this comes in a package priced at $24.99.  That’s not much more than you’d pay for a set of basic resistance bands!

The ProPull Program

On the ProPull web site you’ll find a six week program for using the resistance bands.  It starts with the basics, adds more resistance, and moves into some isometric holds.  Having a base workout program outline is a huge value.  I recommend starting with this program and adapting as you get further in your training.

Here are some videos showing the resistance bands in action.




Isometric Holds

If you look at the suggested workout routine, you’ll likely notice a new concept – isometric holds.  I’ll let you read the details on ProPull’s site, but the essence is fairly simple.  We want to train our body to use the fast-twitch muscles for our throw in order to achieve the greatest velocity and add distance.  Isometric holds have been shown to build speed by teaching your body how to activate the correct muscles.

Other Uses and Benefits of the ProPull System

Aside from training for arm speed and acceleration, these resistance bands offer several other benefits.

  • Improve mechanics and tempo of the throwing motion
  • Increase grip strength in the disc-holding position
  • Ingrain form changes
  • Practice consistent disc angles for different shots, hyzer, flat, and anhyzer
  • Warm up your throwing arm before a round
  • Work on your game indoors when necessary

Final Verdict

ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Bands are a great addition to your disc golf training routine.  Increasing speed and improving consistency will help all facets of your game.  For $25 and only a few minutes each week you have the chance to become a better disc golfer.  And, great news, as of today Infinite Discs carries the ProPull!

If you end up deciding to order the resistance band set, please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your progress along the way too.

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    • Rodney Lane

      Thanks Kevin. With them selling out so quickly, we’re hoping Infinite Discs will stock more soon! You can always order direct from ProPull Disc Golf too.

  • Ed Powell

    I ordered mine – and great workout, my arm is feeling it. I have just started the 30 days – but, working on form indoors is a bonus. I can tell – if I keep using it, I’ll see definite changes.

  • Ed Horst

    Although this is an improved set up this idea was implemented by two disc golfers in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s in the state of Texas.
    A later model / idea hadvthe improvement of inserting your own driver, mid range or putter.
    This topic had been discussed along with a video on the early disc golf site “ DiscsRUs”..
    $19.99 was package price at time. Good to know someone was able to capitalize and bring to the forefront for disc golf practice. Hit Chains.

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