• ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training
    Product Review

    ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System

    Training aids and strength training devices have been a staple of the golf market for quite some time.  After all, so many of us want to get better at our favorite recreational games.  Until now, we’ve seen very few disc golf training aids.  Enter ProPull with their Disc Golf Resistance Band Training System.

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    Tips and Advice

    Yoga for Disc Golf

    Yoga and disc golf are two activities you may not have heard in the same sentence.  I recently started a morning yoga sequence that has provided great benefit to my body and my game and really wanted to pass along these benef its to my disc golf friends.  We recently had a unique opportunity to interview Brett Larkin, a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, about yoga and how she feels yoga can be advantageous to disc golfers.  

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