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Doomsday Discs Landmine Review

The Landmine putt and approach discs is perhaps Doomsday Discs’ best known disc at this point. It is unique in that it feels like a lid from a 5-gallon ice cream tub, but it flies better. Surprisingly though, it performs well! Keep reading to learn more about this interesting disc!

Doomsday Landmine Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Doomsday describes their Landmine:

This is the new Land Mine putt-and-approach disc in the Munitions Line of discs. It is in “Weapons Grade” plastic which is a base plastic blend, but with more stiffness than some putter blends. It’s primarily designed for approaches and holds both forehand and backhand lines very well before it drops suddenly to the ground. It has a unique, somewhat experimental rim shape that recalls other putters with a “boxy” rim shape. The Land Mine will stand out when you pull it out of your bag. It will definitely extract unpredictable comments from your card mates.

Doomsday Discs Landmine Page
Available Plastics: Weapons Grade
Flight Rating: 2, 2, 0, 2

Landmine Initial Reactions

Doomsday Discs Landmine profile putter

The Doomsday Discs Landmine feels different because of the flat nose, but you get used to it quickly. We were skepticle when we first threw it, but it performs just fine. Think of it as a Berg with a bit more glide and turn. It’s definitely slow. The Weapons Grade plastic is a step up from base, good grip and bit soft and relatively durable. After 7 rounds and many solid tree collisions, the Landmine has not warped at all although the corners of the nose are pretty dinged up.

Doomsday Discs Land Mine


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I like to use the landmine personally for straight up shots through wooded courses. I enjoy the fact that I know it’s going to go straight and hold any line I put it on with very little fade.

Drgadget from the Doomsday Discord channel

Doomsday Landmine Putting

The Landmine is slow, straight, and low glide. Putt directly at the basket, watch the flat nose hit chans and just drop. It likes to go straight, and although it can hold a bit of a hyzer, I would suggest just going right at the basket. You will probably not want to putt long distances with it because of the extra effort required to get to the target. It’s still straight on long putts but the fade is more pronounced from the back of circle 2. It putts much like a Kastaplast K1 Berg.

Doomsday Discs Landmine putter stamp

I found that works best for spin putts, and decently for straddle puts but not wondefully because it sits in my hand just a little different than most putters. I was sure the Landmine would be a great turbo putter, but I was wrong.

Doomsday’s Landmine putter handles the wind surprisingly well for a disc with such a flat nose. The Landmine won’t lift as much as most putters in a headwind, but it is noticeably more difficult to reach the basket as it slows down. Because the edges are sharp, the Landmine will usually not roll far. However, if it lands with the blunt nose perfectly on the ground then watch out!

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Landmine Flight Path

Doomsday Discs Landmine putter rim

The Landmine is designed for approach shots. For short approaches it is slow and straight with a reliable drop at the end. The slow speed makes the Landmine very controllable, even in wind. It will not dive even in heavy headwinds, but instead takes a long slow turn. It releases more smoothly than you’d expect for a squared off nose. The Landmine also handles forhand better than I expected, and some in the Doomsday Discs Discord channel swear by it!

One of the most comfortable feeling putters for forehand throws

JRax from the Doomsday Discord channel

As you power up the Landmine, it will begin to turn and increase in glide. Here, it becomes similar to an Arsenal Discs C4 but with lower glide and less turn. The Landmine can handle a good amount of power, but it’s so slow that it still doesn’t like to fly past 225 feet (69 meters) for me. You can probably guess by now that it will hold a nice slow hyzer line but it fights anhyzer lines. When released nose up the Landmine lifts and hyzers far to the side so you’ll need to be sure to let it go flat to nose down.

I like it for short straight drives and for approach shots that I want to drop in around the basket without rolling or skipping sway.

Chaddah from the Doomsday Discord channel

The blunt nose offers a few other neat advantages. The landmine is great for tight wooded holes because it doesn’t kick off trees nearly as hard as a sharper nose putter. It also makes a fun roller. The flat nose slows it down so it’s not a distance roller, but it makes for a reliable short and accurate option to roll out of trouble.

Doomsday Discs Landmine disc golf

Doomday Landmine Comparable Putters

Kastaplast Berg: Berg is lower glide and less turn
Innova Birdie: Landmine fades harder
Arsenal Discs C4: C4 turns more
Innova Bullfrog: Bullfrog is faster
AGL Madrone: Madrone is faster
Innova Pig: Pig is faster and more overstable

Doomsday Discs Landmine Conclusions

The Landmine is a unique putter that doesn’t look like it should fly well… but it does! Many throwers will not like the feel, but many won’t mind. It’s slow and consistent so it will find a place in many bags as a safe approach putter, or even as a utility putter. If you like the concept of the Berg but need something that is not as difficult to throw then the Landmine may be a good disc to try.

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