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Innova Birdie Review

The Innova Birdie has been around for quite a while, but old discs aren’t obsolete and the Birdie is no exception.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Birdie is our best “go-for” disc and an excellent approach disc. It is a slow, straight flyer with a sure Thumtrac® grip that makes it easy to go for it without worry.”

Available plastics: DX

Flight Rating: 1 speed, 2 glide, 0 turn, 0 fade

Initial Reactions

The rim – it is very blunt and square.  This thing feels very different than most modern putters.  The thumtrac is a nice touch.

Innova Birdie Profile

By the Numbers

Innova Birdie


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Putting Notes

I’m so used to modern putters that the large, flat rim makes putting with the birdie very difficult.  I imagine a spin putter wouldn’t have as much trouble.

Otherwise, it seems to handle wind better than expected and has a very straight flight path.

This actually performs very well as a turbo putt disc.  I’ll be using this as a turbo putt training tool because the exterior edge has plenty of room for your index finger to propel the disc.


Obviously this disc wasn’t built for aerodynamics, so a 1 speed rating with minimal glide isn’t a surprise.  I greatly enjoy the amount of time this thing stays in the air.  Within reason, the Birdie will handle any line I give it.  Short and long anhyzers work right before flattening out.  Hyzers will flip up a little but always finish just left.  The disc handles wind from any direction better than expected too.

Final Verdict

I didn’t have high hopes for the Birdie, but it exceeded expectations by far.  The flight, no matter what line, is smooth and pretty to watch – just like its namesake I suppose.  I wouldn’t immediately recommend the Birdie for new players but Ultimate players looking to get involved in disc golf might want to start with something like the Innova Birdie.

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