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Innova Whale Review

The Whale is the next putter up in Innova’s recent trend of torque resistant discs.  How is it different than the company’s flagship putter, the Aviar?

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Whale is a beefy, Aviar-like Putter that has the stability of our Big-Bead Aviar Driver with nearly the same low-speed over stability as our Putt and Approach.”

Available plastics: DX, XT

Flight Rating:  2 speed,  3 glide,  0 turn,  1 fade

Initial Reactions

The Whale does feel a lot like an Aviar with a tiny bead.  The XT plastic is flexible and chalky.  The disc feels very beefy with a thick rim and blunt nose.  This feels very similar to the Discmania P1x.

Innova Whale Profile

By the Numbers

Innova Whale


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Putting Notes

I believe the Whale is Innova’s attempt to create a torque resistant Aviar.  With that in mind, it putts almost exactly like the Aviar.  Push and spin putting in the circle is simple and consistent.  I’m not a huge fan of the XT plastic for push putting as it tends to flex too easily and cause my putt to wobble.
For a straight putter, the Whale also performs decently in the wind though you’ll still need to modify your release angle to adjust for the wind.


I tested the torque resistant claim by playing several one-disc rounds with the Whale at the Putt Heads practice course.  Full power throws still require a little hyzer release to allow the disc to flip to flat but a lighter throw, say 80%, seems to do the trick too.  Easy hyzers don’t flip up too much and easy anhyzers make a great initial turn before flexing into a nice glide.  Forehand shots with full power turn a little more for me, but this is entirely manageable by changing your power.
I am surprised that the disc doesn’t turn too much with the low turn numbers.  The most interesting part of the flight is how softly the Whale lands without much fade.  The XT plastic feels very nice for these longer throws – a great balance of grip and easy release.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Innova Whale won’t replace my Judge as a putter.  The softer plastic and a rim depth like the Aviar makes it an inconsistent putter inside the circle for me.  That said, the Whale is a great disc for someone who wants a consistent driving putter.   I’d also recommend the Whale to anyone looking for a thick feeling, straight flying putter for approaches and drives.

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