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Innova Colt Review

Innova has released a low profile putter that is supposed to handle the wind well.  How does this putter stack up to other recent releases?

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Colt is a low profile putt and approach disc that can handle extra torque and windy conditions.”

Available plastics: DX, XT

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 4 glide, -1 turn, 1 fade

Initial Reactions

I really love the feel of the Colt.  It is similar to a Gateway Shaman or even a Discraft Buzzz.  The shallow rim and flat top feel great!  In fact this is the closest I’ve felt to a perfect shallow feel, which gives me high hopes for the disc.

Innova Colt Profile

By the Numbers

Innova Colt


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Putting Notes

My Colt is made with the XT plastic, which is a grippier feel than DX but I’m told it holds up better.  We’ll need to wait until Innova releases a firmer plastic to get a true idea of how this mold will work for push putting.  In XT plastic, I get a clean release every time.  The soft flight plate gives some wobble but the disc stabilizes quickly.  I was able to go out to 40′ before I needed to aim my putts for a little fade – very impressive indeed.


Innova’s marketing material says this disc can handle extra torque.  That tells me the disc may have been built as a lower speed approach disc instead of a pure putter.  I tried the Colt at various distances, all the way up to 200 feet, just to see how useful it could be.  I drained two 70′-80′ upshots and hit the basket on two more.  The disc is so straight that I was comfortable just aiming at the basket from long range.  Anhyzers and hyzers turned appropriately and made me feel in complete control.  I had a few forehand anhyzers that the disc handled nicely too.
Innova Colt
This drive with the Colt went way further than expected
With such success using the Colt as a midrange, I tried driving with the disc as well.  I’m not usually one to drive with a putter but the Colt did not disappoint.  As long as I didn’t overthrow the disc, it flew very well and lives up to its torque resistant label.  I did get a little overzealous and tried a full forehand drive which ended as you might imagine – diving into the dirt and rolling.  This is certainly a great choice for a one disc round and I learned a lot about my form while playing 18 holes on our practice course with only the Innova Colt.
It all went down hill, well for me anyway, when I let Chris try the putter.  After watching several of his upshots, I quickly learned that I may never see my Innova Colt again.  He found similar results as I did: you can effortlessly throw the Colt on a straight line and it stays there for a few hundred feet.  I also watched as Chris had several near aces with the disc from the tee.

Star Update

As the XT plastic broke in over time, the Colt tended to turn over for most shots.  I purchased one in Star plastic as soon as it became available and I have two basic observations.  First, the disc is a little more stable than the XT version ever was.  It still flies straight but the Star version handles more torque and has a touch of fade at the end.  Second, the Star plastic version has a little less glide than the XT plastic.

Innova Star Colt

Final Verdict

I was really excited when I first saw the disc specifications for the Colt.  This is the putter I wanted to try, a shallow rim and a fairly straight flight path.  For putting purposes, I will reserve judgement until Innova produces a firm plastic version (McPro plastic or something similar would be great).  I played a wooded layout with the XT Colt, which left the disc folded, curled, dinged, and worn, but the flight still remains true.  With so much success as an upshot disc, I’m going to leave it in my bag for a long while.  It can be the straight to understable counterpart to my DGA Breaker.

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