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DGA Steady Review

The newest DGA disc release is a putter named after the game’s founder, “Steady” Ed Headrick.  Will this putter find a way into my bag?

Manufacturer’s Notes

“DGA pays homage to our sport and company’s founder Ed Headrick with the release of the Steady putter. Headrick, affectionately known as “Steady” Ed to his disc golf family, got his nickname due to his steady hand and putting prowess on the disc golf course.

At low speeds this putter will has a hyzer finish and with increased speed it will show a reliable and straight flight path. This beaded putter feels great in the hand and looks equally great resting in the basket. The Steady is available in a unique blend of DGA’s D-Line plastic which helps create the perfect grip and feel for a putter.
D-Line plastic will be very tacky and give superior grip in any weather condition. It will reach its intended flight characteristics earlier that when produced in SP and ProLine plastic.”


Available plastics: D-Line

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, 2 fade

Initial Reactions

The plastic feels great, grippy yet solid. It isn’t the firmest flight plate by far, but it flexes similarly to Innova’s DX plastic. There is a larger bead on the rim but it doesn’t bother me at all.  I really like the thumb track on the top of the disc.  The simple signature stamp is very clean and looks great.

DGA Steady Profile

By the Numbers

DGA Steady


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Putting Notes

The DGA Steady is an overstable putter with a standard amount of glide.  My first impression of the disc didn’t leave me feeling like it would be useful for push putting, but I continue to be proven wrong as I putt around the course.  The flight plate isn’t as firm as I usually like, but the plastic provides excellent grip.  The rim is slightly shallow which really makes the putter feel great in my hand and release very consistently.  The thumb track increases confidence while lining up my putt and also seems to help the release.  Inside the circle I really like how the putter wants to tip over to a slight hyzer.  I haven’t had a single spit-out and I believe the overstable nature is the reason.  Putts inside of 15′ are very straight and at 35′ I noticed a need to start aiming a little right.  Jump putts come out very clean and fly nicely with a reliable fade.  Longer putts that miss the basket settle down quickly and don’t tend to roll very far.
Steady comin' at ya'
Steady comin’ at ya’


Outside of putting range, the Steady still continues to impress.  On an anhyzer line, the disc will flex back, glide a little, and settle down nicely.  Hyzers are clean and dependable without much skip or drop at the end of the flight.  The putter performs very much like the McPro Aviar but gives a repeatable flight and a better feel overall.

Final Verdict

DGA has done a nice job creating a putter that performs well all around and feels great to use.  It has only been out for a short time but the Steady has found a place in my bag and I think it will be there a while. “Steady” is a perfect name for a disc that performs so consistently.

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