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DGA Tremor Review

DGA, the same company that brought you the rather overstable (and very underrated) midrange called the Quake, now brings you the understable and glidey midrange dubbed the Tremor.  Primarily designed for beginners, the DGA Tremor has potential use as a turnover midrange for seasoned players.  If we buy two does that put us at one degree of Kevin Bacon?

I obtained this First Flight disc from GR Hobby & Disc Golf during a recent visit.  Shea, the owner, is extremely knowledgable and the shop has a great selection of new and used discs.  During my visit I met James Snyder, Team DGA Arm Farm “street team” member.  Thanks to Shea and James for this early preview of the First Flight Tremor!

Manufacturer’s Notes on the DGA Tremor

The Tremor is an understable midrange disc designed to give players with slower arm speeds, better control and greater distances out of their midrange game.

The Tremor has amazing glide and produces consistent buttery straight to anhyzer lines making it an ideal disc for players new to the sport.

More advanced players will enjoy being able to “power down” the Tremor and get max distance and control, especially in tight wooded situations. Available in ProLine plastic for the initial release. A small stock run will feature a limited edition artwork First Flight stamp!

Available in ProLine plastic for the initial release. A small stock run will feature a limited edition artwork First Flight stamp!

Available plastics: Pro Line

Flight Rating: 6 speed, 5 glide, -4 turn, 1 fade

Initial Reactions of the DGA Tremor

The Tremor feels nice in the hand.  The rim isn’t too shallow or too deep.  The concave wing is quite noticeable and comes as no surprise given the understable nature of this disc.

DGA Tremor Profile


Throwing the DGA Tremor


This disc was developed with beginners and slower arms in mind.  The understable flight path (meaning the disc will turn right for a right hand, back hand throw) keeps the disc in the air for a long time for softer throws.

Intermediate and Advanced

Those with a bigger arm will need to use some finesse to throw the Tremor.  However, you can get it out to some pretty long distances with a hyzer flip release and a high launch angle.  This might be a better choice for light throws in the woods where accuracy is paramount and hitting a tree at high speed can ricochet into some awful locations.  It will also work for finding some big anhyzer lines with a midrange distance or a softly thrown turnover.

I had a lot of fun finding new lines with the Tremor.  Where those lines will find a place on the course is something I’ve yet to learn, but I figure you’ll never properly visualize the line on a golf hole until you’ve thrown the shot once or twice in a field.

Final Verdict of the DGA Tremor

A significantly understable midrange with high glide is a perfect option for new players and players who just can’t get other discs to stay in the air.  This is easy distance for a new player.  Experienced players will need some practice with the Tremor to see if it fits their game but it may just open up some finesse lines you’ve never used before.


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