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Disc Golf Devotion

Disc Golf Devotion Believe

What should you throw? You step up on the cement and stare down the fairway. A long narrowing fairway with tall trees on either side and a cross-breeze that could carry your drive to the end or whip it deep into the woods. A high gliding anhyzer or a low and powerful hyzer? Are you going for distance or are you shooting for consistency? What should you throw?

You may experience anxiety, a worried feeling of making the wrong choice or missing out on an opportunity. Then again, this is just disc golf so maybe you don’t think deeply into your throwing options. But maybe the scorecard is close, or perhaps this is the final hole of a tournament. Perhaps this is life and your shot selection has an impact on your future or on your family. The stakes just got a little higher.

Humans have a natural desire for control, but with that control comes risk. Risk inherently produces anxiety or even fear. We may be able to control the choice, but the long-term outcome is much less certain. Thus, the question that follows is, “Am I making the right choice?”. This question is often the driver of great strife.

Luke chapter 8, verse 50 reads, “Do not be afraid, just believe.” There comes a point where you’ve done all you can and worry does not help, in fact worrying deteriorates the situation. We must trust in our instincts, and more importantly, trust in the Lord.

While it is us who must make the decision, the Lord always provides guidance. The Lord speaks to each of us in a way that we each understand, but we must believe in order to understand. We will choose a path or we will chose a throw, and regardless of our choice, the Lord will be by our side and see us through.

We must remember to believe in the Lord with every decision we make.  Select your disc, choose your line, then trust that the Lord is with you.


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