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Disc Golf Devotion

Disc Golf Devotion – Perfect Flight

If you ask another disc golfer what they love about disc golf, there’s a good chance that the flight of a disc will be in the top few answers. A sense of calm satisfaction, almost a state of inner peace, can be felt when you put everything you have behind a disc and watch it sail off on the smooth, pure path on which you intended it. You do everything you can to send the disc on its path, then you let go and watch your work in action.

We spend most of our round chasing that perfect flight. The more seasoned we are, the more practiced we are, the closer we come. But that perfect flight is only something that we will see once or twice a round if we are lucky. As we improve, we become more consistent and each throw is closer to the perfect flight, but rarely do we experience the full perfection we are striving for.

Hope of the perfect flight is part of what keeps us teeing off on the first hole, round after round. No matter how good we become, the perfect flight always reminds us that we can be better. Each day we wake up and work to improve just a little or accomplish just a little more. It’s the hope that all of our hard work adds up to let us see that perfect flight on extra time that drives us. We have good rounds and bad rounds, good days and bad days, but it is in knowing that, even on a bad day, we might hit that perfect flight just once that we keep throwing.


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