Adidas Swift R GTX Disc Golf Shoe Review
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Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX Shoe (Paul McBeth’s Shoe)

Recently I picked up a pair of the highly touted Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX shoes.  These are the ones that Paul McBeth wears under contract.  Is this shoe worth your attention for disc golf?

Shoes are an often overlooked piece of disc golf equipment.  Some people just use their normal cross trainers while others wear a hiking shoe (and yes, some play in sandals or barefoot).  Personally, I take footwear very seriously.  Having the correct shoe for the activity is important for injury prevention and can also enhance performance too.

I have tried the following shoes so far: Brooks GTX Running Shoe, Merrell Moab Gore Tex, and a Keen Targhee II.  The Brooks shoes were lightweight but the water proofing gave out after a year.  The two pair of Merrell’s I used were heavier but fit well; they also suffered a waterproofing issue after about a year.  The Keen’s have held up nice but are the heaviest of the bunch.

It took me this long to find any Terrex shoes in a retail store (I need to try things like this on before deciding on a purchase), let alone the Swift R GTX.  Even better, the salesman at Tradehome shoes new exactly what I was doing pirouetting in the store – he plays disc golf too, he understands.

**Update: Infinite Discs now carries Adidas Terrex due to their popularity and quality**

When looking for a disc golf shoe, I look for a few features.  Comfort, waterproofing, traction, and durability.

Terrex Swift R GTX – Comfort

A shoe could be the best technological advancement in disc golf since Dave Dunipace put a triangular wing on a beach flyer, but if it doesn’t fit well it won’t be useful.

I was leary of the Adidas brand as I have a wider foot.  Adidas golf shoes come in wide sizes that fit my forefoot but not my heal, thus the need to try these on in person.  I had the salesman bring me a pair of 11.5 shoes and he brought an 11 and a 12 – they don’t make half sizes that large.  I tried the bigger size first and it felt pretty good.  The salesman convinced me to try the 11 on too, and much to my surprise it fit rather well.

The shoe is lightweight, an important feature for disc golf.  The Terrex also offers a good amount of foot support.  It fits really well and continues to be comfortable after many holes of disc golf.

Terrex Swift R GTX – Waterproofing

Gore-tex, in my opinion, is the best waterproofing technology available.  It is a membrane technology and not a coating or spray.  The only issues I’ve had is when a sport like disc golf pulls at the seams of the show enough to cause holes in the membrane that allow water in.

The Terrex Swift R GTX is built with Gore-tex tech (the GTX in the name tells us that) and is ready for the morning dew, the afternoon rain, the winter snow, and wherever else you want to use it.  Just remember, all waterproof shoes have a big flaw, the gigantic hole where you put your foot lets water in.

Terrex Swift R GTX – Traction

Disc golf has unique traction needs.  You want enough traction so you don’t slip on the wet grass or tee pad but you also don’t want so much that the shoe catches in the turf and doesn’t allow the foot to slide open.

The Terrex Swift R GTX has a great balanced traction.  Don’t take my word for it, if Paul McBeth thinks it works then it must be ok for the rest of us.

Adidas Swift R GTX Sole Traction

Terrex Swift R GTX – Durability

Here’s the most difficult thing when reviewing a new and exciting product.  We want to show the best features of an item in time for you to get one yourself if you’d like.  But that doesn’t give us much time to test for durability.  I’ll update this article in several months to speak about durability.

Adidas Swift R GTX Lacing System

One thing to note is the lacing system.  These quick-lace systems are not everyone’s favorite but it keeps the laces protected and ensures you aren’t tripping over the extra string.


I have tried so many different shoes for disc golf and this one feels the best yet.  I’d recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their disc golf footwear.

Infinite Discs now carries a number of Adidas Terrex options!  See your Adidas Terrex options here!

Update – One Year Later

After about 12 months, my Terrex shoes have failed.  You can see in the image below that the eyelet holding the lace has popped off the shoe.  I can still wear these but they don’t provide the same foot support I’m seeking.  These have also lost their waterproof feature somehow.  I don’t know how many months or rounds to expect out of a shoe, but I’m disappointed with the durability of these Adidas shoes.
Adidas Terrex Worn Out


We are affiliated with but we will still provide our honest opinion and will never recommend an item unless we have tested it and believe in its quality.  We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation.

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