Nite Ize Flashlight LED Disc Review
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Nite Ize Flashflight LED Disc Golf Review

Nite Ize recently sent us a set of flashflight LED Disc Golf discs and Hole-In-One LED target lights to test and review.  We’ve tried night golf before, but Nite Ize took it to an entirely new level!

We’ll briefly discuss the flight of the discs and some comparisons, but this review will focus on the glow aspect.  Not only is the built-in glow aspect is well worth extra focus but you’ll also not find a three-disc set that pleases everyone and covers every line.

Overall, Nite Ize did a great job creating a three-mold disc set to cover a full round of disc golf.  It includes a putter, midrange, and driver.  The plastic is translucent, similar to Innova’s Champion or Discraft’s Elite-Z, but it has better grip similar to Prodigy’s 400 plastic and a little softer similar to Latitude 64’s Opto.  These are high quality discs, not some flimsy Frisbee with lights.

The putter is stable and can hold a good amount of power, we’d compare it to a new Gateway Wizard with less glide.  The midrange is understable with significant glide almost like a Latitude 64 Fuse or a Discraft Buzzz SS.  The driver felt like a speed 10 to 11 with a decent turn at high speed allowing for a nice hyzer-flip and it displayed a strong fade at the end.  It may be comparable to an Innova Beast or Discraft Flash.

For more details on the flight of the discs we’d suggest checking out Mind Body Disc’s review and the Nite Ize product page.

The Nite Ize target lights provide an easy way to illuminate the basket, or even a tree, by hanging the light on the top of the basket.  This is convenient but we prefer the brighter flashlight or lantern option, that also creates neat basket shadows.

We mentioned before that the built in LED and glow ability is the most exciting feature.  The glow radiates through the entire disc, illuminated by the fiber optics, resulting in a fully glowing disc rather than one to three individual lights.  This allows you experience the full effect of a glow disc soaring through a black sky; the visuals are incredible.

In the middle of the underside of the flight plate is a round casing button about an inch in diameter where the LED is housed.  Click once for the lights to phase to different colors and click again to choose a specific color.  There are a many large advantages to the built-in light design.

First, since the LED is built into the disc, you won’t have to alter the disc’s flight by taping on LEDs or sticking some glow tape on the disc.  Additionally, any aftermarket lights chance falling off mid-flight resulting in a lost disc, but the built-in lighting in Nite Ize discs will not fall off.  Chris even threw his midrange into the water and it came out fully functional after being fully submerged.

Nite Ize Glow Disc Golf DiscsMany disc golfers like to use glow plastic for night rounds with the advantage being able to throw a specific mold that you like.  The problem with glow plastic is that it’s not nearly as bright as the LEDs and the glow fades quickly.  The LEDs eliminate the need to carry a high powered flashlight and charge the disc before every throw.  The Flashflights will also stay lit as they sit on the ground so you’re not in a rush to find the disc.  

Throwing unfamiliar molds isn’t the best strategy for shooting your best score, but night golf is all about the experience and not about score.  After all, we aren’t expecting to break course records after dark.  Gather some friends, find a local course that’s open after sundown, and give it a try.

Playing disc golf after dark is amazingly fun.  Losing discs is awful.  Nite Ize has you covered with these Flashflight discs.

You can get your own Nite Ize Flashflight driver from Infinite Discs, or pick up a full set of Nite Ize Flashflight discs here!


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