Full Turn Discs Navigator Review
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Full Turn Discs Navigator Review

Full Turn Discs, molded by Prodiscus in Finland, is a small but growing manufacturer based in Missouri. As of writing this, the Navigator is Full Turn Discs only midrange and their flagship mold. As you would hope from a flagship disc, the Navigator should appeal to a wide range of arms.

Full Turn Navigator Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Full Turn Discs describes their Navigator midrange driver:

The Navigator is great midrange for all arm speeds. For slower armed players it will be a dependable over stable midrange, taking angles and headwinds very well, always fighting back. For faster arms it has a wonderful neutral flight path, holding any line you put on. You can trust it in the wind, and trust it not to completely turn over on a full power shot. This disc has great hand feel and releases cleanly.

Full Turn Discs Navigator manufacturer page
*Full Turn Discs has a separate page for each plastic
Available Plastics: Ground, Priority, Express
Flight Rating: 5, 4, -1, 2

Full Turn Navigator Initial Reactions

Full Turn Navigator midgrange profile

The Navigator feels like a beefy midrange upon first grab. It feels average to slightly below average provile and normal diameter for a good fit in the hand. However, the flashing and parting line are both particularly sharp and aren’t comfortable while gripping or throwing the disc at first. After a few rounds the flashing had worn to completely smooth and the parting line better but still slightly intrusive which can be seen in the above image. This Navigator is Priority plastic which has a wonderful feel and is tackier than most translucent plastics. It breaks in quickly but not to the point of understability. You can see more on Full Turn’s plastics here. I also love the Full Turn Discs stamp which can be turned upside down and is exactly the same!

Full Turn disc golf Navigator

Full Turn Navigator Flight Notes

Full Turn Navigator


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at flightcharts.dgputtheads.com

The Navigator is a stable midrange driver that loves to glide out on long straight lines with a little turn and forward fade. This is an all-around complete midrange driver that can be used in almost any situation.

When thrown flat at 75% power, the Navigator shows a little turn and gradually glides to a forward fade to around 300 feet (90 meters). I found that to be the sweetspot, but this midrange driver can still handle additional power and is relatively torque resistant for how straight it is. It will show significant but controllable turn when thrown close to full power at which I can comfortably hit 330 feet. The Navigator handles a hyzer flip nicely and while it can handle a power grip it releases much more smoothly with a fan grip. I can easily back down and hit a deadly accurate 200 foot (60 meter) shot that has a strong fade. The Navigator can handle forehand throws just fine and produces an accurate flex shot, although the sharp rim can catch my knuckle on occasion.

The Navigator will flip a little on most throws, similar to a broken in eMac Truth with maybe a touch more turn. The light turn and high glide enable the Navigator to hit many lines so I am able to find long, smooth s-curves or very straight lines. The weight feels distributed more toward the rim with a somewhat thin flightplate which could assist in holding its lines, but I can’t consider myself an expert in this area so you might want to try the Navigator for yourself.

The high glide can provide for long high hyzer lines around obsticals as well as high gliding anhyzers. You’ll need to carefully consider the wind when throwing the Navigator that high because the glide allows the wind throw it around. On lower lines, the Navigator handles light winds without much difficult and can ride a head wind quite nicely when thrown gently. The Navigator almost always lands flat due to the forward fade and it rarely rolls or skips. This will greatly boost your confidence if you’re running the basket on a tight line.

Full Turn Navigator Comparables

Dynamic Discs eMac Truth – Very similar flights but different feel, Navigator turns a little more.
Discraft Buzzz – Buzzz is straighter and slower
Innova Shark3 – Shark3 is more overstable
DGA Squall – Squall has higher glide and more turn
Discraft Zombee – Zombee is faster with a similar flight path
Innova Wombat – Wombat flips more

Full Turn Navigator Final Verdict

The Navigator is one of the most complete go-to midranges that I have thrown and I’m surprised it hasn’t received more attention. The feel of the rim might take some time to get used to, but its flight should be well worth the adjustment. The Navigator should appeal to all levels of disc golfers as a workhorse midrange driver. If the rest of Full Turn Discs’ lineup is as solid as the Navigator then you should be ready for them to grow steadily.

If you’re ready to try your own Navigator you can see your options here!

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