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Storm Discs Jet Stream Review

Storm Disc Golf is relatively new to molding discs.  Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Kirby and his wife have been on a journey to design their own disc golf discs.  We congratulate Storm for introducing unique features for each disc.  Our first review is the Jet Stream, a 12 speed driver that has a ton of glide.

Storm Discs Jet Stream Manufacturer Notes

Here’s what Storm Discs says about the Jet Stream:

The Jet Stream is meant to be thrown with a good amount of air underneath it. For bigger arms this disc will have some turn with a very reliable fade at the end. Lesser arms will find this disc to be a straight flyer with a hard fading finish. With the high speed and great glide the Jet Stream has the potential to be your furthest flying disc in your bag. Get in on one of these Prototypes before they are gone!
Available Plastics: Category 2
Flight Rating: 12, 5, -1, 3

Initial Reactions

The Jet Stream is a wide rimmed driver with, for lack of better term, a bead.  At first glance the protrusion on the bottom of the rim seems like it would be terribly uncomfortable but it didn’t bother me at all.  The mold fits well in my hand and the Category 2 plastic offers enough grip to imbue confidence on the tee.  Most of the weight must be in the rim because the flight plate is rather flexible but the rim is solid.

Flight Notes

Storm Jet Stream


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After using the Jet Stream for several rounds, I can positively tell you it is a very long throwing disc.  Releasing flat, I’d compare it’s results to an old Avery 2 line Destroyer or a DGA Hurricane – very long flying with a little turn and a forward pushing fade.  Bigger arms will have to add a little hyzer release to make sure the Jet Stream stays on the correct fairway.

Speaking of hyzers, when I threw the Jet Stream on a hyzer line it still finishes fairly long and straight.  To get a noticeably hyzer finish I had to decrease power or increase hyzer release angle.  On an anhyzer, I found the Jet Stream to be inconsistent.  Thought that’s not an indictment on the disc per se, its probably more of an issue with my skill level.  I think a high launched anhyzer with the Storm would travel very far.

I was also able to experiment with the Jet Stream in some heavy winds.  Thrown into a strong (20mph and up) headwind, the driver will turn significantly.  I tried to throw a hyzer-bomb into a heavy wind and was surprised to watch the disc flip up, turn over, and catch flight almost 90 degrees from my intended line.  I would not suggest using the Jet Stream in a headwind.  A tailwind, however, is exactly where this disc seems to thrive.  I threw several tailwind drives with a touch of anhyzer (to help keep the nose down) and it responded with very long and straight flights every time.  In fact, this disc has consistently been my longest thrower often achieving over 400’.  My normal drivers rarely hit 380’ without some elevation and wind assistance.


Discraft Crank – Jet Stream has less turn and less fade.  Crank is faster but Jet Stream offers more glide.
Discmania DDX – Very similar flights thrown flat without wind.  DDX handles a headwind better but the Jet Stream is longer in a tailwind.
Infinite Discs Pharaoh – This is probably the best comparison I can offer.  The Pharaoh is a little better in a headwind but I wouldn’t trust either in a heavy headwind.
Innova Shryke – The Shryke has a little more turn and more fade but glides less than the Jet Stream.

Storm Discs Jet Stream Final Verdict

The Storm Discs Jet Stream is a unique feeling driver mold that flies very well too.  Slower arms will love the reliable glide and forward pushing fade.  Normal arms will enjoy the maximum distance the disc offers.  Huge arms should try the Jet Stream in a tailwind.

Ready to try out a Jet Stream? Infinite Discs has you covered.

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