Storm Discs The Eye
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Storm Discs The Eye Review

Our second Storm Disc Golf review is the Eye, a fast midrange full of glide and many versatile flight paths. Keep calm and join us in the Eye of the Storm.

Storm Discs The Eye Manufacturer Notes

Here’s what Storm Discs says about The Eye:

The Eye is a workhorse midrange that will fit into any skill level of players bag. With great glide this disc holds the line you release it on. Get in on one of these Prototypes before they are gone!
Available Plastics: Category 2
Flight Rating: 5, 5, -1, 1

Initial Reactions

Holding the Eye in my hand, I sense a mid-range feel mostly because the nose of the disc is less wing-like and more blunt.  The Category 2 plastic is soft and the flight plate has some flex to it.  Overall the disc feels great in the hand.

Flight Notes

Storm The Eye


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at

Out on the course, the Eye is fairly versatile.  Thrown flat from the tee it will exhibit a slow turn before fading back slowly, creating a long S-curve flight path.  Add a little hyzer and the midrange will flip to flat and glide a long way.  On a slight anhyzer, the disc will turn a little more but flatten out near the end and get some extra distance.  Any extreme hyzer or anhyzer throw wasn’t super consistent for me – I’m sure using the disc more than a few rounds is required to learn these advanced shots.  As for finesse shots, the disc doesn’t fade much for softer approach shots.  This makes it an easy point and shoot disc for so many shots under 250’.


Discraft Buzzz – Buzzz will handle more power while the Eye glides a lot more.
Innova Gazelle – The Eye is slower and glides a lot more.  The Gazelle is far better in the wind (side note – the Gazelle is one of the best wind-fighting fairway discs I’ve ever used)
Dynamic Discs EMac Truth – EMac handles a little more torque and is more overstable at lower speeds.
Infinite Discs Anubis – The Anubis feels and flies similarly, but the Eye has more glide and is easier to control on shorter touch shots.

Storm Discs The Eye Final Verdict

The Storm Discs midrange – The Eye – is a very workable mid with sneaky distance too. If you desire versatility in your midrange game, look no further. I’d also recommend trying the midrange in a single disc challenge round.

Infinite Discs has the Eye if you’re looking to try it out.

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