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Infinite Discs Anubis Review

Infinite Discs adds another midrange to their lineup, the straight flying Anubis.  Is that a coyote headed dude guarding the tomb?

Here’s how Infinite Discs describes the midrange:

“The Anubis is a straight-flying, all-purpose, precision mid-range disc that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players. Every player can count on the Anubis to hold the line whether thrown for shorter approaches or for longer distances off the tee. The Anubis will help players to fine-tune their throwing skills by flying precisely in accordance with the release from the hand.”

Infinite Disc’s Anubis Page
Available plastics: D-Blend, I-Blend
Flight Rating:  5, 5, 0, 0

Infinite Discs Anubis – Feel

I’ve mentioned it before in the Sphinx review, but I really like the I-Blend plastic.  It is right up there with my favorite blends.  As for the mold, it is very comfortable with nicely rounded edges and no bead.  The I-Blend Anubis seems to have a little more dome than the D-Blend.

Infinite Discs Anubis – Flight

When we reviewed the Chariot, we commented on how straight it flies from the tee.  The Anubis flies just as straight for backed down approach throws.  Off the tee, the Anubis will show a little turn and finish slightly right of your launch vector.  I’d guess it will become a moderate turnover disc as it breaks in, especially knowing it is really a reintroduction of the Coyote mold we both used for a few years a while back.

Given a hyzer release, the Anubis flips up and gains some distance.  With my normal hyzer release I can get some solid distance out of this midrange.  On an anhyzer release you’ll see a nice turnover line that feels rather repeatable.  I didn’t ever have a feeling that the anhyzer would turn into a roller at any point.

Infinite Discs Anubis – Comparison

  • Innova Coyote – If you’ve every thrown a Coyote, you know what you’re getting with the Anubis
  • Discraft Comet – The Anubis is straighter with less propensity to turn
  • Dynamic Discs Evidence – Very similar but the Anubis has a little more fade.

Infinite Discs Anubis – Conclusion

The Anubis is a great beginner midrange, something that allows the thrower to experiment with different throwing angles and won’t be too overstable for lighter throws.  For more experienced players, this midrange offers a controllable approach disc, something of a hybrid between a putter and a mid, where finesse and consistency is of paramount.

Note: I do know that Anubis is considered to have the head of a canine or maybe a Jackal, but since this disc is the old Innova Coyote mold…

Are you ready to try one for yourself?  Check out your color and weight options here!

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  • Bill Scholtens

    Love the Anubis (and I-Blend plastic)!

    Thanks for your excellent reviews. I especially like the “Comparison” feature. Very helpful!

  • Rob

    Thanks for the review. With so many more people playing it gets harder to find discs for sale. I was looking to get another understable mid, and with most stores out of wombats, comets, and meteors I’d thought about giving an Anubis a try. I really enjoy your disc comparison section because it gives people a direct comparison to what they can understand. To a disc is flippy is subjective, but to say this flies like this disc is a bit more concrete.
    When seeing the comparison for the Anubis, I understood immediately because I’ve thrown an evidence and a Comet. I’m wondering, based off your comparison, if the Anubis flies like a Buzzz SS? Thanks again for your work and happy throwing.

    • Rodney Lane

      Thanks for reading Rob. I would agree that the Anubis flies similar to a Z Buzzz SS for me. The SS turns a little more than a Buzzz and fades less, leaving an easy turnover flight path overall. Brand new it won’t turn as much as a Comet and neither will the Anubis.

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