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Infinite Discs Starter Set Review

Unless you’ve had year of experience, choosing a disc golf starter set is difficult at which point you probably don’t need a starter set. On top of that, many starter sets are either overpriced or not really a good choice for beginners… or both. Enter Infinite Discs and their new series of disc golf starter sets. Infinite Discs has leveraged their extensive disc golf knowledge to put together three starter options, here is our review of the set.

Infinite Discs 2 Disc Starter Set

Infinite Discs two disc starter set

This two-disc starter set is one of the best options for a new disc golfer. The first thing that stands out is the $15.99 price which is a low commitment and comes out to $8.00 per disc, no disc golfer can go wrong at that price. For a new disc golfer who is unsure if he or she will stick with the game, low cost and fewer discs makes it easy to try and upgrade later.

As far as the two disc go, the Tomb and Sphinx are perfect for beginners. The Tomb is a very versatile putter that can be used for both putting and shorter shots and the Sphinx is an easy to throw driver. This is important because experiencing different types of discs (i.e. putter and driver) is helpful for beginners, but versatile discs still allow beginners to try many different shots. High speed drivers can be quite difficult for new disc golfers to throw so an easy to throw, moderately high speed driver like the Sphinx won’t intimidate a new thrower. You can find links to each individual disc down below if you’d like additional information.

Also, both discs are lighter weight which make them easier to throw. This helps new disc golfers throw further while still being able to focus on proper form. The Tomb comes in Infinite D-Blend plastic which is grippy (important for putting and finesse shots) and the Sphinx comes in Infinite I-Blend which is more durable and wil be ideal for beginners who may be prone to hitting trees or other obstacles frequently.

If you or someone you know thinks disc golf might be a fun sport but aren’t completely sold on it, then the 2 Disc Starter Set could be perfect. You can find the Infinite Discs 2 Disc Starter Set here!

Infinite Discs Tomb review
Infinite Discs Sphinx review

Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set

Infinite Discs three discs starter set

The Infinite Discs’ 3 Disc Starter Set comes in at $19.99 and is again a low comittment and great value at less than $7.00 per disc. This set also features the easy-to-throw Sphinx as the driver but comes with a more classic style putter (the Myth) for putting along with a midrange (the Anubis) for short to medium ranged shots.

The Myth putter is a more classic putter style and is a little slower than the Tomb. This can help a beginner disc golfer get a better feel for the difference between putters and midranges. The Anubis midrange disc is faster than the Tomb and will get a little more distance. Both the Myth and Anubis are high glide discs. That basically means they have a tendancy to stay in the air longer, which is helpful for new disc golfers who don’t have a high amount of power yet.

Neither the Myth or Anubis are difficult to throw. Both are relatively straight flying discs and a new disc golfer should find them comfortable to grip and release. They are also lighter weight discs to allow more focus on proper disc golf form.

Similar to the 2 Disc Set, the Sphinx comes in the more durable I-Blend plastic and the Myth and Anubis come in the grippier D-Blend plastic.

You can try an Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set here if looks right for you!

Infinite Discs Myth review
Infinite Discs Anubis review

Infinite Discs 8 Disc Starter Set

Infinite Discs 8 disc starter set

Infinite Discs’ 8 Disc Starter Set is featured in main image here. This is an exciting pack because of the wide variety and number of discs that will show up at your doorstep! at $59.99 it’s a larger investment than the smaller starter sets but the value is incredible at $7.50 per disc.

This is a great starter set for a beginner who has decided he or she is ready to pick up the sport and would like to experience different types of discs. This box comes with a spread of putters, midrange discs, and drivers. Unlike the 2 and 3 disc sets, this 8 disc starter set comes with multiple weights which is a good for disc golers to experience as they are learning. The following discs are included and you can also find individual reviews down below.

  • D-Blend: Myth, Tomb, and Anubis
  • I-Blend: Chariot, Exodus, Sphinx, Pharaoh
  • Metal Flake C-Blend Slab

The Pharaoh is a high speed driver that is usually a little too fast for beginners but very fun because it is so fast. The Slab is a difficult disc for any disc golfer to throw becuase it what we call overstable, which means it hooks hard when thrown. Metal Flake is a clear type of plastic with small flakes of metal (like large pieces of glitter) embedded in it and it is one of the most durable types of plastic available. Discs like these are good for beginners to work up to and can serve as benchmarks for the amount of progress they have made. They also can be used for specific situations like heavy winds.

We would highly recommend the 8 disc starter set for anyone who has thown enough to know that he or she is ready to become more serious. Check out the Infinite Discs 8 Disc Starter set here if you need a variety!

And, if you’re buying 8 discs, why not look for a bag to carry them all? Infinite Discs offers one of our favorite low-cost bags, the Slinger. Read our Slinger bag review to learn more.

Infinite Discs Chariot review
Infinite Discs Exodus review
Infinite Discs Pharaoh review
Infinite Discs Slab review

Infinite Discs Starter Set Conclusions

Infinite Discs 3 disc starter set
Infinite Discs 3 disc starter set

Infinite Discs has launched a robust suite of disc golf starter set options. Each of these starter sets is well constructed and there is an offering for any beginner. The best part is that Infinite Discs has a wealth of disc golf knowledge and well respected within the disc golf community. On top of that, we (the DG Puttheads) are always willing help if you have questions and we highly endorse the Infinite Discs starter sets.

If you’re still not sure what you need, try reading our post on choosing the right disc golf starter set: How To Choose A Disc Golf Starter Set

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