Infinite Discs Sphinx
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Infinite Discs Sphinx Review

The Sphinx stands guard at the first tee asking all disc golfers a riddle: “Which disc is just one mold and yet becomes a flyer, a flipper, and a roller?”  Those who answer correctly are permitted passage.  The answer, of course, is an understable fairway driver – a disc that flys straight for a beginner, hyzer flips for an intermediate arm, and rolls for a big arm.  Read on for our thoughts on Infinite Discs’ most beginner friendly mold.

Infinite Discs on the Sphinx:

“The SPHINX is the perfect disc for new players who want a distance driver / control driver crossover that won’t fade too soon while covering as much distance as possible. With an understable release and manageable speed rating, the Sphinx can fly with accuracy and ease. For experienced players the Sphinx is a wonderful, understable utility disc for hyzer-flips, long anhyzer throws, or power rollers. The Sphinx will stand the test of time as a disc that earns a spot in any bag.”

Infinite Disc’s Sphinx Page

Available plastics: I-Blend

Flight Rating:  9, 6, -3, 1

Infinite Discs Sphinx – Feel

The first thing you’ll notice after picking up a Sphinx is the plastic.  The I-Blend plastic is a custom blend for Infinite Discs and it feels amazing.  Soft and grippy but not as flexible as Innova’s G-Star, I-Blend feels most like Kastaplast K1 or even Innova’s color glow plastic.  To me, this is the best feeling plastic for drivers and mids and I am excited to see it used for other molds too (a Pharaoh please).

Infinite Discs Sphinx Profile

Infinite Discs Sphinx – Flight

For anyone throwing over 300′ drives, the Sphinx will require some field work to get a good feel for its flight.  At full power for me, the Sphinx drives to the ground into the dreaded “throwler” shot – its not quite a throw and not quite a roller – that hits the ground and immediately cut rolls backward.  A more powerful arm would be able to turn this into a nice roller from a flat line.  Even on an extreme hyzer line the Sphinx turns over enough to require extra height in order to realize its full flight.  It doesn’t take long to realize that this disc isn’t meant to be thrown at full power.

At 50-75% power (let’s be honest, I am not good enough to put a number on my throwing effort) with my moderate hyzer release, the Sphinx will flip up and carry.  It flies so much further than I expected.  In fact, with minimal effort I am able to drive it close to the same distance as my maximum distance drivers!  That said, I wouldn’t dare throw the Sphinx into even a light headwind.  With some planning you could get some very solid performance with a tailwind.

After several light throws, I decided to try something different.  I used a fan grip on the fairway driver with a more normal power level.  Lo and behold, the Sphinx performs amazingly.  I could see this being very valuable for long anhyzer lines and low ceiling lines that still need to get significant distance.

Infinite Discs Sphinx – Comparison

Here’s how the Sphinx compares to some other familiar molds:

  • Innova Roadrunner – Very similar in flight to the Sphinx
  • Innova Sidewinder – The Sidewinder has a little less turn and the turn appears later in flight
  • Legacy Patriot – The Patriot turns and flattens out into a long anhyzer line at full power instead of reduced power
  • Kastaplast Falk – The Sphinx is less understable than the Falk
  • Discraft Heat – The Heat is very similar to the Sphinx
  • Discmania FD – For lighter arms, the Sphinx will fly similar to how your longer throwing friends are throwing the FD.

Infinite Discs Sphinx – Conclusion

The Sphinx is a great fairway driver for new players.  It also becomes a turnover touch disc or even a roller disc for more experienced players.  The Sphinx in I-Blend plastic is worth a try if you want an easy to throw driver in a great plastic blend.  It isn’t my forte to throw touch shots at a fairway driver distance, but a disc like the Sphinx may give me enough push to learn.

Are you ready to try one for yourself?  Check out your color and weight options here!

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