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Infinite Discs Myth Review

Infinite Discs continues their brand roll out with a stable putter they have called the Myth.  It’s certainly not legend or fantasy that we all need a consistent and reliable putter.  

Infinite Discs says this about the Myth:

“The MYTH is the first putter in the Infinite Discs brand lineup and we wanted to start strong. The Myth is a dependable, beaded putter with a comfortable rim that can be used for precision putting, or as a driving putter and approach disc. If your putting game can’t be a thing of legend, then at least let it be a thing of Myth. Inspire friends and family to talk about your epic putts around late-night campfires for generations to come.”

Infinite Disc’s Myth Page

Available plastics: D-Blend, P-Blend, X-Blend

Flight Rating:  2, 3, 0, 2

Infinite Discs Myth – Feel

If you’ve ever held a Discmania P2, you’ll quickly notice that the Myth is essentially a beaded P2.  It may draw comparison to the Dynamic Discs Judge or the Gateway Wizard due to the big bead and the flight numbers.  The nose is blunted and the flight plate is a little domey compared to the Judge resulting in a deeper feeling putter.  It isn’t noticeable but the diameter of the Myth measures a touch smaller than the Judge.

The D-Blend version offers similar feel to a D-Line P2 while the P-Blend fills the firm putter need similar to KC Pro plastic.  The black P-Blend Myth we have is a little slippery so I’d like to explore a different color for better grip.  The X-Blend is just like the Innova XT plastic, which we discussed in our Innova Whale review.  XT offers a good grip and a softer feel.


Infinite Discs Myth Profile

Infinite Discs Myth – Flight

For their first putter mold, Infinite Discs clearly wanted to produce a consistent and reliable putter to be used in the circle.  It putts like a Discmania P2 or even an Innova Aviar.  Here’s an interesting twist – at the 50′ mark, I noticed the Myth continued to fly straighter than expected so I could still aim at the basket rather than playing for fade.  Once I made that adjustment I was able to find a great rhythm and make a lot of putts.

Just like many flagship putters, the Myth offers solid performance as an approach disc and driving putter too.  It didn’t take me a long time to get the hang of the Myth for upshots.  It flies slightly overstable when thrown with “approach” power but lands soft enough to trust.  Touch flick shots perform wonderfully after you find the proper angle to get the disc to flex and land flat.

Given more power, the Myth flies straight and reliably fades at the end.  I never had a problem with turning the disc over, even in a moderate headwind.  On an anhyzer line, the putter flexes to straight very nicely.  This adds distance and allows for some movement to the right.

Infinite Discs Myth – Comparison

The best way to describe the Myth to an experienced disc golfer involves comparing it to a familiar putter

  • Discmania P2 – our suspicion is the Myth’s mold is a P2 with a bead, which doesn’t seem to change it’s flight all that much
  • Dynamic Discs Judge – where the Judge drifts to the right on a full throw, the Myth stays straight and fades at the end
  • Gateway Wizard – I’ve thrown a lot of different Wizards that fly slightly different.  The Myth is most similar to a new Soft Wizard
  • Latitude 64 Mercy – I’d say the Myth is a touch more overstable than a Mercy

Infinite Discs Myth – Conclusion

The Infinite Discs Myth is a valuable addition to their ever growing disc lineup.  A flagship putter is absolutely necessary.  If you’re looking for a typical stable putter that isn’t from one of the major manufactures, the Myth needs to be on your list.  If you’re new and need to choose a putter, the Myth is a good place to start.


Are you ready to try one for yourself?  Check out your color and weight options here!

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