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Infinite Discs Ruin Review

The Ruin is an overstable putter molded by Infinite Discs. This disc rounds out Infinite’s putter lineup filling a slot that every disc golfer needs – a close distance, overstable, reliable, workhorse. The Ruin is not for weak hearts or weak arms, but if you can handle this powerful putter it will surely help your game… maybe ruin another disc golfer’s chance at first place…

Ruin Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Infinite Discs describes the Ruin:

The Infinite Discs Ruin is the small diameter, overstable approach disc manufactured by Innova that everyone’s been waiting for! This beadless approach disc has very little glide and will start fading right out of the hand, giving your upshots perfect, predictable placement.

Infinite Discs Ruin manufacturer page
Available Plastics: I-blend, C-blend
Flight Rating: 3, 3, 0, 3

Infinite Discs Ruin Initial Reactions

At first grip the Ruin feels like a beefy putter. It boasts a mostly flat top with slight dome that is sure to puddle over time and offers a blunt protuding nose with a quickly concaving lip. The Ruin is a beadless putter but its tall lip almost makes it feel as though it has a bead. The feel is not incredibly comfortable at first but you will get used to it as you realize its small diameter and low profile offer superior grip for power throws. Any sized hand should be able to grip and rip the Ruin.

Infinite Discs Ruin Putter Profile

Infinite Discs Ruin


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Ruin Putting Notes

The Ruin is molded as an approach putter and will probably not be your go-to putting putter. That being said, it can still be useful in close. The first thing to note is that it is very overstable and will tip hard when putting. Because of this, I find it is best used for either hyzer putting or hard straight shots that will drop fast if you miss. I found the Ruin to have a good amount of glide for an overstable putter, around 3.5, despite Infinite describing it as very low glide. We tested an I-Blend so it is possible C-Blend has lower glide. The glide assisted on long putts and the Ruin made for a great long distance anhyzer putter. It holds an anhyzer longer than many overstable putters but pulls out hard.

Unsurprisingly, the Ruin’s strength is resisting wind with its blunt nose and overstability. The Ruin does fine with head winds and cross winds. I find the best way to fight wind with the Ruin is to spin-putt flat while aiming high and right so it simply drops into the basket. The Ruin works well for most putting styles including push putting which benefits from its flat top. The overstability and beefiness also make it a great option for turbo putting.

Ruin Throwing Notes

The Ruin is a very overstable and consistent putter, but has enough glide that it is workable. This allows me to throw many types of shots. On my normal release angle the Ruin shows slight positive turn and tips hard at the end of its flight at around 250-275 ft. Expect a good skip with on longer throws, especially big hyzers. When releasing flat the Ruin follows a straight path and I can hit around 300 ft. If I rip it on an anhyzer angle I can to hit over 300 ft. As mentioned above, the Ruin holds an anhyzer line longer than most overstable putters which offers extra distance and control so it is great for maneuvering around obsticals. Of course this putter excells at all types of hyzer shots with pin-point accuracy.

Infinite Discs Ruin putter stamp

The only thing I don’t find desireable about the Ruin is the tall lip which can lead to it rubbing hard on my finger during release, but that doesnt affect the flight path or accuracy. On the other hand, the tall lip provides excellent grip for sidearm and flick shots. The Ruin is one of the best discs I have ever used for short flicks because of its ability to hold the anhyzer line and still fade hard at the end. The Ruin handles extra power on side arm shots and actually flips up just a touch to provide extra options while maintaining consistency.

As I mentioned, I feel like the Ruin has a decent amount of glide (not comparable to a Tomb or Scarab but a lot for an overstable putter). Next to my Discraft Zone, the Ruin consistently holds its line a little longer. Putters often sacrifice wind control for extra glide, but the Ruin handles all angles of wind with ease. This is an incredibly reliable throwing putter.

Ruin Comparable Putters


Discraft Zone – Similar flight path, Zone feels shorter in hand and Ruin has more glide
Innova AviarX3 – Ruin has more glide and concave lip
Prodiscus JOKERi – Ruin is more overstable, JOKERi is faster
Westside Discs Harp – Ruin is more overstable, Harp is faster
Above Ground Level Manzanita – Manzanita is slower and lower glide

Infinite Discs Ruin driving putter

Infinite Discs Ruin Conclusions

The Ruin is an amazing addition to Infinite Disc’s line up and I expect it to find a place in many disc golfers’ bags. The Ruin has a hard tipping fade and is not going to beginner friendly. Intermediat disc golfers will find it to be a great short-range utility and advanced players will reach to the Ruin as a go-to approach putter. The Ruin is an excellent blend of consistency and workability.

If you’re ready to build up your disc golf game with a Ruin, you can see your options here!

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