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Infinite Discs Exodus Review

Beginning in 2018, online disc golf superstore Infinite Discs has their own line of discs.  All of these discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs.  The first disc released by the company is the Exodus, a stable fairway driver, in the S-Blend plastic.

Infinite Discs Exodus fairway driver notes:

“The Exodus by Infinite Discs is a stable, controllable fairway driver. The comfortable rim design and manageable speed are perfect for players at all experience levels. The Exodus is a trustworthy disc on the fairway and excellent for navigating wooded courses.  It has a precise, long flight pattern with a consistent fade, plus it can also handle all the power you can give it for long-distance flights.”

Infinite Disc’s Exodus Page

Available plastics: S-Blend

Flight Rating:  7, 5, -.5 ,2

And here is our first take on the Exodus with initial reactions and predictions.


Infinite Discs Exodus – Feel

The S-Line plastic will be familiar if you’ve ever held a Star disc from Innova or S-Line from Discmania.  In the Exodus mold the S-Blend plastic seems a little firm.  Speaking of feel, the Exodus reminds me a lot of a few older Innova molds.  The top feels a lot like the Gazelle, a now overlooked fairway driver that fights the wind very well.  The bottom reminds me of the TeeBird L mold.  I’ve also heard the Exodus draw a lot of comparison to the Eagle L mold, which also seems to fit.

Infinite Discs Exodus Profile

Infinite Discs Exodus – Flight

Released on a slight hyzer, the Exodus will hold a straight line before a small amount of forward fade at the end.  I’m able to get 290′ to 300′ out of the disc under normal conditions, which is a little further than I push my current midrange of choice (Buzzz).  This is a similar distance I get out of a Roc3 and an EMac Truth.  Chris often uses the Exodus for 325′ shots and is able to hit extremely straight lines or slight s-curves.  On an anhyzer flex line, the Exodus will turn a little before stabilizing to a nice straight finish.  I also noticed that the Exodus can handle a lot of power without turning over.

In heavy headwind situations, a TeeBird will tend to turn into an S-Curve for me.  The Exodus performed similarly but with less horizontal travel.  It also didn’t lose it’s flight pattern much with a significant tailwind.  This is impressively consistent in windy conditions. 

Beyond its ability to resist wind, the Exodus can handle high amounts of power and maintain consistency.  It will display significant turn on a full power throw, but compared to other fairway drivers in its class it resists diving hard especially considering it is not extremely overstable.  Because of this and the comfortable grip, the Exodus can also be thrown forehand resulting in a gentle turn and reliable fade.  We often compare it to a faster Gazelle, and for this reason it has earned a permanent spot in Chris’s bag.

Infinite Discs Exodus – Comparison

Here’s a quick run down comparing the Exodus to other discs you may have thrown:

  • Innova Gazelle – Similar distance; Exodus has less turn and less fade
  • Innova TeeBird – Similar distance; Exodus has less turn and less glide
  • Innova Eagle L – Similar to a moderately seasoned Eagle L
  • Latitude 64 Explorer – Exodus is shorter with less glide
  • Dynamic Discs EMac Truth – Similar distance; Exodus has less turn and less glide
  • Discmania FD – FD is longer with more glide; Exodus has less turn
  • Discraft Stalker – Slightly shorter, similar turn with a harder fade that drops faster
  • Kastaplast Kaxe – Exodus is longer with a little more turn
  • Legacy Rival – Exodus is a little shorter with less turn

Infinite Discs Exodus – Conclusion

All in all this is a great showing for Infinite Discs’ first mold.  The Exodus is a reliable fairway driver, something every brand needs.  Hopefully it won’t be overlooked in the already established market.

Are you ready to try one for yourself?  Check out your color and weight options here!

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