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Discraft Hades Review

We all expected great discs when Paul McBeth signed with Discraft, and the Hades delivers on this promise.  The Hades is the fifth disc of McBeth’s series and is a long, easy thrower.  It’s not the super overstable disc you might expect from a disc named after the king of the underworld but flipping the Hades on a long drive will sure make you feel powerful.

Discraft Hades Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Discraft describes the Paul McBeth Hades:

Paul McBeths 3rd prototype distance driver, the Hades, is ready for maximum distance flights! With a less stable flight profile than the work horse Zeus driver, the Hades is build with straight to stable long gliding shots.

Discraft Paul McBeth Hades Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: ESP
Flight Rating: 12, 6, -3, 2 (1.0 Discraft stability)

Discraft Hades Initial Reactions

Discraft Hades Disc Profile

Comfortable grip; check. Crazy glide; check. Easy to flip up; check. The Hades hits all the hallmarks of a great bomber right from the start. We’re also pretty sure that just printing Paul McBeth’s name on a disc makes it fly an extra 25 feet. The first few throws with the Hades were long and easy, next is testing its versatility.

Discraft Hades Flight Notes

Discraft Hades


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The Hades is one of the easiest throwing distance drivers that I have tested. My first few throws easily hit 400 and were well within control. The best part about long bombs with the Hades is that I didn’t have to blow my arm out to hit these distances. I found that the Hades hit optimal distance and control when I released on a slightly lower angle than I usually throw, maybe around 20°-25° below flat. At this angle the Hades will drift out a ways then flip up easily and continue into a long turn before straightening out near the end of its flight. The late turn helps maintain control better than many undersable drivers. It also tends to fade straighter than most long distance drivers which helps with extra distance and control. This is one of the best true hyzerflip discs that we have tested.

The Hades is understable and will turn on almost every throw with the exception of short shots. I am able to lighten up and hit incredibly straight lines at 300ft (91 meters), but it fades harder than I prefer on short shots because it is a high speed driver. When thrown hard on an anhyzer the Hades becomes a great roller. Bigger arms may find this to be the best use for the Hades. I initially tested a 167g Hades and found it to be too understable for my liking after about 10 throws, but a 174g Hades kept its stability longer and is a wonderful balance of turn and torque resistance.

Similarly, the Hades is wonderful for soft forehand shots, it flips up easily and can hit 300-325 feet for me without much difficulty. Given how understable the Hades is you probably won’t want to power up you side arm shots for distance, but it’s quite accurate on 250 – 300 foot sidearms.  Disc golfers throwing primarily sidearm may not find it to be as useful as backhanders because of the significant turn but it could still fit nicely in an understable driver slot.

Unsurprisingly, I recommend the Hades primarily in calm wind conditions or tailwinds. Headwinds cause it to turn more than I care for. The Hades will soar in the right cross-winds, but it has crazy glide and can be difficult to control when it is high and long. It is wonderful on long anhyzer lines because you can flip in instead of releasing it on on a high anhyzer angle which can improve consistency.

Discraft Hades Comparables

  • Discraft Thrasher – Hades is more torque resistant and has more glide
  • Discraft Crank SS – Crank SS is faster with less glide
  • DGA Sail – Sail turns harder, Hades is faster
  • Innova Tern – Tern is a little faster and not as smooth, also produced by Paul’s ex
  • Discmania DD2 Frenzy – Frenzy is faster and more overstable
  • Gateway Journey – Hades is higher speed, both flip nicely

Discraft Hades Final Verdict

In short, the Hades is a wonderful disc for hitting distances and is surprisingly versatile for an understable driver. This is the disc that Paul McBeth himself does not need, but the rest of us do! Unfortunately we are currently in the middle of the COVID-19 panemic so supply is often short, but Discraft is working hard to get our discs back in supply.

If you’re ready to hyzerflip your brain out you can check out your Hades options here!

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