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Discraft Buzzz Review

The Discraft Buzzz (three Z’s) is one of the most popular discs in disc golf, and may well be the most pupular midrange ever. The Buzzz was created in 2003 based on the Discraft Wasp but with some modifications such as a rim with no bead to create a straighter, more controllable all-around midrange. Most experienced disc golfers won’t need an introduction to the Buzzz, but we want to make sure that newer disc golfers have a chance to understand why the Buzzz is a great option to test.

Discraft Buzzz Manufacturer Notes

Here’s what Discraft has to say about the Buzzz:

The Buzzz is Discgolf’s most popular midrange due to its consistency and compatibility with a wide range of players styles. The Buzzz is a low profile modern midrange that is the gold standard for straight to stable flights players can trust.

Discraft Buzzz Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Pretty much every Discraft plastic
Flight Rating: 5, 4, -1, 1, (0.5 Discraft stability)

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Buzzz Initial Reactions

Discraft Buzzz Midrange Side Profile

The Buzzz is pretty much the prototypical midrange and most straight midranges are compared to the Buzzz. It is difficult to have an initial reaction when this is one of the most recognized and recommended discs for a new disc golfer to try. The Buzzz consistently holds a place in the top 10 most popular discs on the DGPH flight chart tool, and is usually the only midrange in in the top 10. So, yeah, it’s popular.

Discraft Buzzz


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Buzzz Flight Notes

Discraft’s Buzzz is a 5 speed midrange that can handle a good amount of torque but performs well when thrown hard or soft. The Buzzz holds a deadly straight line longer than almost any other disc. It only needs to be thrown at a slightly decreased angle and it flips up beautifully. As a Buzzz breaks in it wil begin to display that elusive late turn. On a standard throw at 80% power, my broken in Buzzz flips to straight quickly and begins to gently turn after 100ft (30.5m), then enters a gentle fade around 250ft (76m). I can easily hit 325ft and more by ripping the Buzzz on a long flip shot and it is still controllable.

The Buzzz is known for holding any line it is put on. It has a good amount of glide which will assist in long but precise hyzer shots. The Buzzz will handle a hard and high hook short and only flip it up when you tell it to. Similarly, the Buzzz will hold a long anhyzer line quite nicely. You can let up on your throw and release on an anhyzer line which it will hold for days without diving or fading, or you can snap a hard hyzer flip for a long and low turn. Remember though, that the Buzzz comes in about 500 different plastics and some of these will turn more or less than a standard Buzzz.

One reason the Buzzz is great for beginners is because it can hold a straght line when flipped up or when released flat. When released flat at lower power it holds an incredibly straight line for the first part of the flight but fades to the side more than when hyzer flipped. A very similar flight path can be achieved multiple ways so a Buzzz has potential to stay in your bag as your disc golf game matures. Since it holds the line it was put on, the Buzzz is great for newer throwers to analyze their form. The Buzzz does not like to pull out of an anhzyer so it can reveal when beginners unintentionally release on anhyzer lines; it won’t hide a poor release by pulling back to straight.

Discraft Buzzz Bar Stamp

Considering the Buzzz’s high glide and fairly blunt nose, it is not affected by the wind as much as you may expect. It certainly needs adjustment as a head wind will cause it to turn more and cross winds will push it. However, if you reduce power or simply drop the angle of release, the Buzzz will hold up to a headwind. The largest caution is to avoid exposing the flight plate to a cross wind which has a tendency to make the Buzzz act like an overstable disc and push it far to the side. I have lost a couple Buzzzes that carried further than intended from cross winds, but the interesting thing is that they were still deadly stright.

The Buzzz is a great disc for short flicks at a high anyzer angle, anywhere from 50 to 125 feet. Flicking the Buzzz around 45° above flat is a great way to get around wide obsticals when you only have a tight line. It has enough glide to hold the line for around a your obstical before gently pulling out to land softly.

One thing to note is that the Buzzz is made in many plastics and each of these plastics will fly slightly differently. Here are many of the plastics that the Buzzz comes in and how the flight path differs. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions to these generalities and you will need to test for yourself.Discraft Haloween Z Glo Buzzz

  • Z Buzzz: The original midrange gold standard
  • ESP Swirl Buzzz: Higher glide, turns more
  • ESP Tour Series Buzzz: Higher glide, torque resistant
  • ESP Full Color Buzzz: Higher glide, more overstable
  • TI Buzzz: Straighter and longer
  • X Buzzz: Breaks in faster, less consistent
  • Pro-D Buzzz: More turn and less glide
  • Big Z Buzzz: Turns more
  • Big Z Titanium Buzzz: No idea, straight maybe?
  • Cryztal Buzzz: More overstable, more durable and consistent
  • Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz: Overstable and durable
  • Cryztal Flx Buzzz: Like Cryztal but better grip
  • Color Shift Buzzz: I can’t even remember anymore
  • Jawbreaker Buzzz: Like Pro-D but more consistent
  • Z Glow Buzzz: More overstable
  • Z Flx Buzzz: Breaks in more quickly
  • ESP Flx Buzzz: Slightly more turn
  • Mini Z Buzzz: Affected by the wind more
  • First Run Wasp tooled Buzzz: Don’t you dare throw this ever!
  • 10-year Anniversary Buzzz: (See 1st Run Buzzz)

Discraft Buzzz Comparables

Discraft Wasp: the Wasp is faster and more overstable
Dynamic Discs Truth: Truth is faster and fades more
Gateway Mystic: Mystic is more understable
Latitude 64 Claymore: Claymore is slightly longer
Innova Atlas: Atlas is faster, also an overmold
Infinite Discs Chariot: Chariot turns less and flies further like a TI Buzzz

Discraft Supercolor ESP Buzzz

Discraft Buzzz Conclusion

There is a reason the Buzzz is so popular and you should absolutely try one. For a beginner, the Buzzz may be a consistent stable disc to help develop form. For advanced players the Buzzz will offer incredible versatility and each available plastic will provide a nuanced flight path to help you find the perfect fit for the bag.

When you’re ready to try the most popular midrange in disc golf just click here and see you Buzzz options!

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