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Discraft Machete Review

The Discraft Machete is designed to provide consistency and confidence in all situations.  It does the job well.  The Machete is an overstable distance driver that will cut your score no matter the weather conditions.  Discraft sent us a Machete to test and review and we quickly concluded that it lives up to its name.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The low profile of Discraft Machete is built to slice through headwinds with unparalleled predictability. Use it with brute force to easily manage upwind shots, or more like a scalpel for on-demand placement precision on a hyzer or flex shot. A medium rim gives you more control and excellent hand-feel.”


Available plastics: Z

Flight Rating:  9, 4, 0, 3

Initial Reactions

Low profile, medium width rim, Elite Z plastic; yep feels like a winner from the start.  The first few throws are more overstable than expected, but a few spikehyzers later and Discraft’s Machete becomes a lethal weapon for your disc golf game.

discraft machete disc profile view

Machete Flight Rating

Discraft Machete


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Discraft rates the Machete as a 2.2 stability; that’s quite overstable by their measurements.

Full Power Throws

The Machete is overstable, you already know that.  Overstability is obviously an asset for consistency, but the feel of the Machete is what will make you fall in love with it.  The rim is not huge and it has a flat top; it’s quite comfortable considering the power you’re wielding. That being said, don’t get too comfortable and try cutesy shots.  The Machete feels great throwing with power on line drives or laying up a touch for accurate hyzers.  You’ll quickly notice that it cuts through any wind just like Discraft claims.

I would compare the Machete to Discraft’s Predator but with a little more speed and less propensity to turn.  I consistently threw the Predator about 10 to 15 feet further than the Machete because of the Predator’s turn, but the Machete had a more consistent flight in all conditions.  When powering up the Machete I threw around 350 feet (107 meters).

Control Shots

The hyzer is where the Machete shine, especially from 330-340 feet.  Similar to the Predator, you can achieve long and smooth hyzer lines than drop quickly at the end to provide accuracy.  Spike hyzers are also phenomenal and precise.  Pretty much any hyzer line you want, you’ve got it with this distance driver.   Given the high overstability rating of Discraft’s Machete, it’s not a great anhyzer disc.  The Machete fights the anhyzer the entire line and pulls out early, although this can provide some unique recovery shots out of tight lies

Another great feature of the Machete is the skip.  The low profile and high overstability provide for extreme skips even on grass.  The skip is fairly controllable.  Throw low and hard for a long skip or throw higher for shorter but higher bounce.  The Machete is much like a Nuke OS in this respect, and you may be gunning for a few skip aces in the near future.

Machete Final Verdict

 Discraft’s Machete is an excellent overstable addition to their lineup.  It’s consistent and can handle massive power.  If you’ve thrown a Predator then you should be interested in the additional consistency and power the Machete can provide, or if you currently throw an Innova Firebird then you may want to consider testing the Machete instead.

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