Discraft Roach Putter Review
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Discraft Roach Review

The Discraft Roach is the final release of the 2015 Discraft Ace Race disc.  We weren’t thrilled with the prototype during the event, but the release of the Roach in Big Z plastic made a big difference and it’s now fighting for a spot in my bag.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach™ is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuing chains. Just point and shoot. It’s beadless too and feels great in the hand. Try a Roach on your next approach!”


Available plastics: Big Z

Flight Rating:  Not available. Best guess: 3, 4, -1, 0

Initial Reactions

The Discraft Roach is a fairly low profile putter, but it actually feels a little larger in the hand because of how far into the flight plate it’s rounded, so it should feel comfortable to a wide range of hands.  The Roach’s nose is shaped somewhat similar to Discraft’s Challenger with a more pronounced point, but it’s faster and displays a less stable flight path while maintaining the Challenger’s reliable but gentle fade.

Discraft Roach Putter Profile View

By the Numbers

Discraft Roach


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Putting Notes

Inside 50 Discraft’s Roach performed like a neutral putter, holding most lines and only a slight fade near the end.  It displayed a decent amount of glide which helped it hold lines and reach the basket without a great deal of force.  This putter does best with spin putts because of long nose and extra spin can help the glide, and as long as you’re spin putting I think you’ll be happy with straight, hyzer, or anhyzer putt lines.  Because the Roach is a faster putter I did have to be careful to putt gently as it had a tendency to glide too far at times especially as the wind increased, but it was consistent and controllable as long as I was mindful.


The Discraft Roach is a driving and upshot putter and the release in Big Z plastic was a good choice.  You may remember from our 2015 Ace Race disc review that we weren’t pleased with the inconsistency of the upshots, but the final release in Big Z with a few tweaks created a much more consistent mold.  The Roach performed best for me when thrown on straight lines around 150 or anhyzer lines at 200-250.  I was actually able to huck this putter around 325 but I lost some control at that point.  I typically had to release at a low nose angle and play the hyzer flip and the long shots required a high trajectory to allow for a long smooth anhyzer to turn without burning.  Once I got that down I was nailing long anhyer upshots all round, especially from the tee pad.

Do you prefer fan grip?  The roach was wonderfully straight with a fan grip anywhere from 50 to 150 feet.  Do you throw a power grip?  No problem!  Outside of 150 feet I dropped the angle and it handled the snap like a champ.  Don’t even be afraid to try a forehand with this low profile putter.  Be careful though because the Roach is understable and liked to turn hard.  As long as I didn’t fire the forehand with too much gusto it performed decently on short upshots.

The Roach could be thrown on longer hyzer shots, even hyzer bombs when necessary, but that may not be the intended purpose and I had to drop the release angle beyond a comfortable point.

The Roach rarely rolled any significant distance and almost never skipped, partially because of the shape and partially because it’s slower than a midrange.  Just watch out for the Roach’s glide, which was certainly an asset but prevented the disc from dropping forcing me to plan my long shots carefully.  As with putting, when the wind increased this disc glided for miles, and a slight headwind actually encouraged this putter to continue further.

 Final Verdict

I’ve become fond of the Big Z Discraft Roach and I believe it’s one of the best disc golf putters for driving.  I’d recommend it to beginners who are looking for an easy to control putter that performs well all-around or need a straight approach disc.  I’d also suggest more advanced players try this as an upshot and understable driving putter that displays controllable and consistent glide.

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